“ZOMBIES” Stars Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly Take Over Theme Song of “Big City Greens”

Milo Manhiem and Meg Donnelly from Disney’s ZOMBIES 3 have stopped by the animated world of Big City Greens in the latest edition of the animated short series, Theme Song Takeover.

What’s Happening:

  • The popular animated Disney Channel series, Big City Greens, has crossed paths once again with the world of Disney’s popular ZOMBIES franchise, this time in a far more meta way.
  • As part of the popular Theme Song Takeover animated short form interstitial series that appears on Disney Channel and online, the Big City Greens theme song is taken over by ZOMBIES stars Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly as they playfully roast the characters of the series.

  • While Manheim and Donnelly play themselves, they do appear in animated form in the Big City Greens style.
  • Big City Greens follows the fish-out-of-water story of Cricket Green and his family who live on a small farm surrounded by the big city. The show has humor and heart that spans across many ages and has been a hit on Disney Channel, also airing on DisneyXD. Though we aren’t even halfway through the third season, the show has already been renewed for a fourth season with a musical movie in the works for a Disney+ debut. The most recent episode of the series has also hinted that what we may see may flip the story a bit, with a cliffhanger that the Greens might be moving back out to the country.
  • In ZOMBIES 3, It’s Zed and Addison’s final year at Seabrook and things are better than ever. The town has finally accepted monsters as a part of Seabrook and has become a safe haven for monsters and humans alike. Zed is on the cusp of receiving a football scholarship and becoming the first Zombie to ever attend college (and he’s excited to join Addison who has already been admitted). Addison is excited to mark the opening of the town’s brand new “cheer pavilion” by inviting cheer teams from all over the world to compete in an “international cheer-off.” However, the town is shocked by the arrival of a new group of intergalactic outsiders – Aliens, who show up to compete in the cheer-off. Though they begrudgingly allow the Aliens to stay for the competition – the monsters and humans of Seabrook grow suspicious when they discover that the Aliens may be looking for more than a friendly competition.
  • Both Big City Greens and ZOMBIES 3 can now be seen on Disney Channel and Disney+.

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