D23 Expo Disney Parks Panel Teases What Lies “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

After “hypothetically” repositioning an asteroid and sending it toward Dinoland USA, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro kept teasing ideas that could “possibly” happen in a spot of land “beyond Big Thunder Mountain” at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

What’s Happening:

  • After introducing a collection of ideas presented as “what’s possible” for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with the notion of Zootopia and Moana-themed experiences taking over Dinoland USA, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro kept the special “exploration of ideas” going while joined by Imagineering Portfolio Creative Executive Chris Beatty and Walt Disney Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lee for a special area never explored before, “beyond Big Thunder Mountain” at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.
  • In the “what if” session that seemed more like the beginnings of official announcements but without actually saying it, a recreation of Santa Cecilia from Coco was introduced showing the potential of an experience based on the Pixar Animation Studios film. Jennifer Lee took over and showcased the idea of an Encantothemed plaza, and the iconic casita that belongs to the Madrigals, with the potential of opening each family member’s door.
  • Then, D’Amaro, excited by the idea, discussed something with Chris Beatty that has been on the tongues of Disney Parks Fans since the 90’s – the possibility that maybe, just maybe, a land devoted to Disney Villains lies in the area beyond Big Thunder Mountain.
  • Showing another piece of “thought provoking” art, the three unveiled that all three of these ideas could lie together in the space beyond Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World.
  • The art showcases a looming land of villains in the shadows of the distance, anchored on both sides by both Coco and Encanto themed experiences with the spires of Big Thunder Mountain in the foreground.
  • Again, all of this is a “blue-sky exploration,” but the attitude of the three and the promise of more about these ideas in the future, similar to the ideas for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, all but ensure this plan is in the works for the Magic Kingdom.