New Disney, Marvel and Star Wars Funko Pop! Figures Coming to New York Comic-Con 2022

Nerds from across the country—heck, maybe even the globe—will kick off the month of October at New York Comic-Con or NYCC 2022. In anticipation of the event, Funko has revealed their new collectibles and offerings that will be debuting at the fan favorite convention and online.

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What’s Happening: 

  • This week welcomes back New York Comic-Con (NYCC) and the popular convention is the place to be for reveals and announcements from every nerdy corner of the universe.
  • Of course it’s also the location for the latest and greatest merchandise themed to shows, movies, comics, and characters we know and love.
  • With Halloween just weeks away at this point, Funko is bringing Frightmare on Fun Street to the show floor where fans can experience exclusive Funko and Loungefly products. And you can bet there are additional “frights” in store with the introduction of Funko Fright Night.
  • If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also unveiled the limited edition Funko Pop! figures that will be debuting at SDCC.  
  • Among the 2022 reveals are Disney, Star Wars and Marvel figures from a variety of properties including Peter Pan, Attack of the Clones, The Simpsons, Secret Invasion and more.
  • Fans not attending the convention can try to purchase their favorite exclusives through select retail partners or go to when shared exclusives go live at 6 AM PT on Friday October 7th.
  • Check back soon for links to the individual items.

Funko Fright Night

Funko Fright Night is a special ticketed event taking place the evening of October 7th for New York Comic Con badge holders only. Attendees will have a fearfully good time during the costume party, where they will receive a Box of Fun exclusive to the event and experience special celebrity appearances!


Disney classic characters, Pixar films and shorts and even a Funko Soda (3-liter) will be popping up for the first time at NYCC and we can’t wait. Who’s all here? Clarabelle Cow, Roger Rabbit, Dragon Maleficent and more.

Clarabelle Cow! We haven't seen you in ages! The beautiful bovine gets a glamorous Funko makeover for NYCC. We love her long pink dress and matching purple heels, but it’s the hand pose that just makes the figure.

Where to Shop: Funko

Adventures in Music’s Professor Owl is coming to Funko! Some might know him better from the opening of the Disney Sing-Along videos but either way, the bright blue avian looks absolutely dapper in this style and yes, he has his glasses and pointer stick.

Where to Shop: Toy Tokyo and Funko

Ooooh! Now here’s something completely new. One of Pixar’s first short form stories for their SparkShorts series on Disney+. “Kitbull” is represented here with a twin Pop pack of a nameless stay alley cat and pit bull puppy.

Where to Shop: Funko and Walmart

Princess Merida gets another chance to shine in this new Funko that features her in the blue and gold dress she wears as she bests the other archers. Her hair is flowing free and she’s holding her bow.

Where to Shop: Funko and Entertainment Earth

Roger Rabbit looks like he’s got some type of secret to hide, and unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure. Where’s Jessica when you need her? This Pop! figure is finished in bright colors that truly bring the animated character to life…or at least make him stand out in your classic Disney display.

Where to Shop: Funko

Another large Pop! release? I don’t know if I can handle the excitement. Captain Hook’s faithful if not clumsy sidekick Mr. Smee is seated firmly in his rowboat. But where is he going? Skull Rock! Yes, the other piece to this twin-pack is a purple skull that’s practically taken right from the cels of the Peter Pan.

Where to Shop: BoxLunch and Funko 

Yay more Funko Soda 3-Liters are coming to market! This time it’s Dragon Maleficent in all her purple and inky black glory. Lucky fans might even wind up with the Diamond glitter chase variant that includes translucent green flames.

Where to Shop: Funko

Star Wars

For fans of the galaxy far, far away Funko is bringing two new designs inspired by Attack of the Clones, the newly streaming series Andor.

Padawin Anakin is here to kick butt and take names, or lightsabers? The almost Jedi joins the collection with his short haircut, signature braid and both the iconic blue and green lightsaber blades.

Where to Shop: Amazon and Funko 



Cassian Andor’s droid companion B2EMO had already been featured in action figure form, but at long last, it's getting a Funko version too! While it can change its size based on the situation, here it’s seen extended and battle weary. Hang in there buddy.

Where to Shop: Funko and Walmart

20th Century

Ever since Disney acquired Fox in 2019…Disney fans have had to deal with their characters both existing and new. Fortunately we love them! The Simpsons and Free Guy join the collectible circuit with all new Pop! versions. “Shut up and take my money!” Oh wait, that’s Futurama.

While pictured together, these Springfield residents are actually sold separately. I honestly have no idea what’s happening here, but it looks like Jimbo Jones and Kearney Zzyzwicz are up to no good.

Where to Shop: Funko and Toy Tokyo (Jimbo); Funko and For Your Entertainment (Kearney)

Poor Guy. As an NPC he’s living the same day over and over never really knowing why. Eventually he breaks through the code, gets his hands dirty and as you can see here winds up with a bloody nose and broken glasses.

Where to Shop: Funko


Whether you’re a fan of comics, video games or the Cinematic Universe, the world of Marvel heroes and villains is huge and has something for everyone. This year Funko is focusing on X-Men, Black Panther, Spider-Man: No Way Home, I Am Groot and even the upcoming Secret Invasion.

Make way for Juggernaut! A terrifying name and equally scary mutant! The Marvel character gets the Funko Soda (3-liter) treatment, and the chase variant features him with a damage helmet.

Where to Shop: Funko

Jean Grey has her good days and her not so good days and as Phoenix it’s a little bit of both. This Soda presents her in a green and gold suit while the chase variant gives her a red outfit and glowing eyes.

Where to Shop: Funko 

T'Challa's sister Shuri is not only super smart, but she’s quite the warrior too. Stepping into battle to protect Wakanda, she’s dressed in a traditional combat suit. The chase variant gives the same look, but it glows in the dark!

Where to Shop: Funko

Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us more of the world post Thanos and Tony Stark snaps. In NYC Lady Liberty is seen with a new golden finish and an additional accessory, Captain America’s shield.

Where to Shop: Amazon and Funko

Tiny, talkative, troublemaker. Those words sum up the adorable Baby Groot who’s now the star of his own shorts series! For this release Groot is dressed in wintry pajamas, has a funky device on his head and is holding some interesting looking toys.

Where to Shop: Funko and Target

We can’t wait for the Secret Invasion storyline to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and from the teasers we’ve seen it’s going to be awesome. So it looks like Nick Fury is keeping a low profile as he takes on the Skrulls. How awesome is his look with a beanie cap, puffy jacket and full grey beard. Don’t mess with him!

Where to Shop: Funko

Good to Know:

  • New York Comic-Con is being held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from October 6th through October 9th.
  • Frightmare on Fun Street is accessible to all guests with official NYCC badges.
  • Throughout the convention, the company will be hosting livestreams, games, giveaways, and randomly giving out prizes to Funatics!
  • Please note: Visiting the booths does not guarantee any specific item(s). Items may sell out by the time guests reach the front of the line.