Photos: Journey of Water and CommuniCore Hall & Plaza Construction Progress at EPCOT

The seemingly never-ending construction continues at EPCOT, where half of the central spine in what is now known as World Celebration and the new Moana–themed Journey of Water walk-through continue to be constructed.

What’s Happening:

  • The central area between Journey into Imagination and the Creations Shop will soon be home to CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza.
  • Vertical progress on the new CommuniCore building has really been coming along!

  • CommuniCore Hall will host festival programming and will be built to include exhibition space, a demonstration kitchen, a mixology bar, and more.
  • The Hall will also have a meet and greet location known simply as Mickey and Friends.
  • Back outside, CommuniCore Plaza will “have the flexibility to host intimate musical performances that extend out into the nearby gardens, as well as large-scale concerts.”

  • Journey of Water will open in late 2023, inviting guests to follow the story of water on the planet, inspired by Moana’s connection to the ocean.
  • The attraction, a walk-through exploration trail, will invite guests to meet and play with magical, living water. Just like in the ocean (as seen in Moana), the water will have a personality all its own, helping guests learn how to protect the natural water cycle in a fun and engaging way.
  • Below we can see some tree-like structures and rockwork forming, including Moana’s iconic spiral design.

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