Hasbro Reveals New Marvel and Star Wars Action Figures During 2022 Pulse Premium Event

Today the popular toy company Hasbro held its annual “10/27″ Fanstream during which it announced a number of new toys and action figures, including some from the Disney-owned Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

The Marvel team began their segment of the stream by showing off a battle between the enormous HasLab Sentinel and Galactus figures.

Then it was time to start some Marvel reveals, including several figures in the retro-style Marvel Legends series: Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, an entire line of five Fantastic Four figures complete with villain Doctor Doom, and Ghost Rider with his Hell Cycle.

Next we got an update on the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance HasLab project, which added a new backer tier reward of a Daimon Hellstrom figure. We also got to see what the amazingly cool, comic-accurate vehicle looks like at nighttime photographed in an outdoor environment.

Then we got a few more Marvel Legends reveals: Wonder Man in his safari jacket and new action figures for Yelena Belova and Baron Von Strucker.

The final reveal during the Marvel segment was for a new action figure two-pack with VHS-style packaging. This boxed set contains animation-style Carnage and Symbiote Spider-Man.

Moving on to Star Wars, the Artillery Trooper from the smash hit Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian will be coming to the 3 ¾-inch Vintage Collection.

Then three new figures were announced for the six-inch Black Series collection: Din Djarin in his Imperial Tank Driver disguise from Morak on The Mandalorian, Cal Kestis from the highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars: Jedi – Survivor video game, and a rerelease of the Deluxe edition Boba Fett in honor of Return of the Jedi’s 40th anniversary.

Many of the above Marvel and Star Wars action figures will become available for pre-order today at 8:00 PM Eastern Time via the official Hasbro Pulse website.

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