Disney100 Decades Collection 1940s Spotlights “Pinocchio,” “Fantasia” and More

The Disney100 Celebration has officially started and one of the ways fans can commemorate the anniversary is with merchandise! The Disney100 Decades Collection is the 2023 continuity line that will focus on movies, cartoons, and characters from the Walt Disney Company’s century of entertainment. This month they’re heading to the 1940s with Pinocchio, Fantasia and more. (Please note this article contains affiliate links. Your purchase will support LaughingPlace by providing us a small commission, but will not affect your pricing or user experience. Thank you.) UPDATE (5.12.2023): Mr. Toad and the Headless Horseman have joined the party! The duo is featured as part of a toy set that just arrived on shopDisney. What’s Happening:
  • It’s not every day your company turns 100 years old so when you reach the exciting milestone, you’ve got to celebrate in a big way!
  • One of the most anticipated merchandise collections is the Disney100 Decades continuity line that will focus on the way the company has evolved in 10 year blocks of time from 1920-2010.
  • The third release in the Decades Collection is inspired by the 1940s and includes:
    • Pinocchio
    • Fantasia
    • Scrooge McDuck
    • The Three Caballeros
    • Dumbo
    • “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”
  • Characters from these films and shorts can be spotted throughout this incredible assortment that spans: ear headbands, plush, accessories, pins and a MagicBand+.
Free shipping at shopDisney: Don’t forget that shopDisney purchases of $75+ (pre tax) qualify for free standard shipping. Just use the code SHIPMAGIC at checkout. “You’ll find yourself merrily on the way to no where in particular when playing with our pull-back Mr. Toad in his manic motorcar, just pull him back and watch him go off on a wild ride. Meanwhile, with a hip-hip and a clippety-clop, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow is galloping toward a Halloween date with destiny when you wind him up with the included key.” Mr. Toad and Headless Horseman Toy Set – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad – Disney100 – $49.99 “Who needs a sombrero or snappy serape when you can stand under this festive headband with embroidered mouse ears showcasing Jose Carioca and Panchito amidst floral decoration? Let’s not forget Donald Duck, who accents the bow with a glittering centerpiece in celebration of Walt Disney’s animated classic The Three Caballeros.” Disney100 The Three Caballeros Ear Headband for Adults – $34.99   “Stay on the straight and narrow path while carrying this Loungefly mini backpack inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic Pinocchio, or you just might make a mule of yourself as our little woodenhead has done. With furry donkey ears and tail, simulated leather and a colorful cartoon design, this bag is bound to transform your look for the better.” Disney100 Pinocchio Loungefly Mini Backpack – $98.00   “From the Elysian Fields to Mount Olympus, our family of five plush baby pegasuses as seen in Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony segment of Fantasia whisk your imagination away on a flight of pure fantasy. Our tiny winged horses are followed at a distance by impudent Peter Pegasus who is sure to take his own path to any mythic adventure.” Disney100 Peter Pegasus and Family Plush Set – Fantasia – $64.99   “Created for the Disney100 celebrations, this limited edition design is inspired by the Pink Elephants on Parade sequence in Disney’s animated classic Dumbo.” Disney100 Dumbo MagicBand+ – Limited Edition – $64.99 “Inside a sculpted bas relief Money Bin, two cloisonné portraits of Donald’s Uncle Scrooge McDuck trace his evolution from penny-pinching miser to frugal world adventurer–and keeper of the first lucky dime he ever earned.” Disney100 Scrooge McDuck Hinged Pin – Limited Release – $29.99 Disney100 Decades Collection:
  • Journey back through the remarkable history of the Walt Disney Company with the Decades Collection. Each month will celebrate a Disney film that has resonated with audiences of all ages.
  • New assortments in the Decades Collection will launch on shopDisney on the third Monday of the month at 7am PT. Upcoming Decades in the series include:
    • 1950s – Alice in Wonderland (May 15th)
    • 1960s – The Jungle Book (June 19th)
    • 1970s – The Aristocats (July 17th)
    • 1980s – Rescue Rangers (August 21st)
    • 1990s – Beauty and the Beast (September 18th)
    • 2000s – The Princess and the Frog (October 16th)
    • 2010s – Toy Story 4 (November 20th)
  Previous Releases Featured:

While the official anniversary doesn’t come until October, Disney100 is taking place throughout 2023! Stay up to date with the latest news, merchandise, content and park offerings by checking out our Disney100 tag.
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