LP Pro Tip: What New Content We’re Watching First on Disney+

Well the official launch of Disney+ is here! So what are we going to watch first? With so many exciting new shows, series, and movies debuting on the streaming service we know its just a matter of time before we watch everything! We at Laughing Place are obviously fans of all the Disney brands so we thought it would be fun to share what new Disney content each of us will be streaming first today.


Lady and the Tramp – I love talking animal movies and Lady and the Tramp has grown into one of my favorite animated films. While I know it will not compare with the animated classic, I look forward to this new take. Also, I feel like the first thing I watch on Disney+ should be Disney branded. Therefore, I look forward to laying on the couch with my dogs, watching two other dogs fall in love.


The World According to Jeff Goldblum — Looking forward to Jeff Goldblum’s childlike joy exploring and experiencing various topics. Hard to imagine the series being too dry or uneventful and I anticipate discovering something new about everyday things such as ice cream, shoes, etc. Simply excited to have a program coming that delights in discovery.


The Imagineering Story — I love backstage stuff and just watching the trailer there were so many interesting things to see like attraction roundhouses and such. But I’m also happy to see they are finally going to give us the continuing story of Monsters, Inc. I can’t wait to find out what happens when they no longer “scare ‘cause we care” but instead “its laughter we’re after.”


The Imagineering Story — Full disclosure, there’s a good chance I’ll be watching The Mandalorian first too, but for the sake of variety I’m happy to pick The Imagineering Story as it is certainly something I will be checking out on day one. I have always had an interest in the Disney Parks but growing up in New Jersey, I was not able to visit nearly as much as I would have liked. Having moved to Orlando just a few years ago, Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks are now a huge part of my life and I’m excited to learn more about them and get a behind-the-scenes look at some of my favorite attractions.


The Mandalorian – I can’t deny it, there is no way that the first thing that I watch won’t be The Mandalorian. My favorite Disney brand is easily Star Wars and when you can say that you’ve seen the Star Wars Holiday Special five times, you know that the love for the franchise runs deep in my blood. There have been teases about live-action Star Wars shows for years now, but it’s not finally happening. All of the footage has looked amazing and I just cannot wait to finally get a chance to see more of what happened between the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy.


Forky Asks a Question  — With so much to explore on Disney+ at launch, I have a feeling I won’t be in the mood to devote 30+ minutes to watching something until I’ve poked around thoroughly. However, these hopefully humorous shorts seem like the perfect entry for me. Thus, while I might be more excited for other offerings such as The Imagineering Story overall, I suspect this will actually be my initial stream.


Noelle — In all actuality, I will probably end up watching clips from Pixar in Real Life first. However, if things end up going my way—much to the chagrin of my husband—I’ll likely be pushing to stream Noelle. I like Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader and after watching the trailer I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it looks. I do enjoy a silly Christmas movie every once in a while and this interesting take on the holiday seems to have plenty going for it.

Speaking of all the new shows and movies available on Disney+ we can’t tell you what to watch first but we can help you decide! Check out our Disney+ Content Guide where you’ll discover what’s new and coming to the streaming service throughout the year. The best part? You can apply filters to our comprehensive list to make your searching that much easier. Happy viewing!

What new movie or series did you stream first today? Let us know!

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