Today has turned out to be quite a good morning for Pixar fans as the studio released trailers and announced a new show for Disney+. In addition to giving fans a new look at Forky Asks a Question and SparkShorts, Pixar revealed another new series Pixar In Real Life will be available on launch day.

What’s happening:

  • This morning Pixar dropped three delightful new trailers for their Disney+ shows as well as a teaser for all the beloved classic content coming to the platform.
  • And while fans already knew about the Forky Asks a Question and SparkShorts series, Pixar surprised everyone with the reveal of a brand new show, Pixar In Real Life.
  • Disney+ also tweeted a poster for the show that features Wall•E in the city.

Pixar In Real Life Trailer: 

  • If Disney fans weren’t already excited for Disney+, Pixar In Real Life just might be the push they needed.
  • This series looks as innovative as it is fun as beloved characters (and robots) step out the movies and into the world.
  • The series features fun gags caught on camera as unsuspecting people encounter real, live Pixar characters and elements right in their own city.
  • “You had to be there—good thing we were. Watch what happens as your favorite characters enter reality on Pixar IRL streaming only on Disney+ on November 12.”

SparkShorts Trailer

  • Another reveal this morning was the trailer for the SparkShorts series featuring the six new animated shorts from artists at Pixar.
  • Fans can wait and be surprised by each short film or they check out Alex’s reviews of all six entries before launch day.
  • SparkShorts include:

Forky Asks A Question Trailer

  • Forky is one of the newest characters to join the Pixar universe making his debut in this summer’s Toy Story 4.
  • This series of 10 short films will feature the homemade toy asking tough questions like: What is love? What is time? What is cheese?

Old and New Pixar Favorites:

  • In addition the exciting new Pixar offerings fans will be able to explore, there’s also plenty of classics coming to Disney+ as well.
  • From the movie that started it all, Toy Story, to other favorites including Finding Nemo, Inside Out and Monster’s Inc. fans will be able to relive every joyous moment from this franchise.
  • Speaking of Pixar classics, Laughing Place’s Disney+ Content Guide is a great place to discover what’s new and coming to the streaming service throughout the year.

Don’t miss out on these new series and beloved classics coming to Disney+ on November 12!