I don’t know about you, but over here at Laughing Place, we’re so excited for the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.

As our anticipation for November 12th—the official launch date—grows, we’re counting down to the big day with a look at some of the new, original content as well as beloved classics that are coming to the service. Grab your favorite movie snack and pull up a chair…”here we go!”

54 Days to Launch: Short Circuit’s “Lightning in a Bottle”

Alex checks out this dazzling story of a boy and his little spark of lightning. The short hails from long time Walt Disney Animation Studios Modeler, Virgilio John Aguino.

55 Days to Launch: Short Circuit’s “Elephant in the Room”

Alex reviews the heartfelt short from animator Brian Scott about a young boy who adopts a lost elephant.

56 Days to Launch: Moana

Cole looks at what really makes a Disney Princess part of the official Disney Princess brand.

57 Days to Launch: Ratatouille

Mike explains why his favorite Ratatouille character is food critic Anton Ego

58 Days to Launch: Short Circuit’s “Zenith”

Alex reviews the dreamy Fantasia-inspired short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Jennifer Stratton.

59 Days to Launch: Production Begins on Original Film, Safety

Disney announces a new original movie based on the true story of Clemson safety Ray McElrathbey.

Photo Credit: The Verge

Photo Credit: The Verge

60 Days to Launch: Disney+ Beta Launch in the Netherlands

Some lucky Dutch Disney fans in are already getting to check out the new streaming service.

61 Days to Launch: Monsters at Work

We take a look at the Monsters at Work panel from D23 Expo 2019. Executive producers Roberts Gannaway and Ferrell Barron discuss their work on the upcoming new animated series.

62 Days to Launch: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Alex takes us through Disney's rich legacy of pirate films including Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson and Pirates of the Caribbean (and a few Fox favorites too).

63 Days to Launch: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Taking inspiration from the classic Disney ride Pirates of the Caribbean, this film tells a unique story and launched a franchise. Mike asks the question, what makes an attraction-based movie work?

64 Days to Launch: Tomorrowland

Cole imagines what Disneyland's Tomorrowland might have looked like had the Brad Bird film been a success.

65 Days to Launch: WALL•E

Alex revisits Pixar’s most romantic film and the impact is has on fans over a decade after it’s debut.

66 Days to Launch: Short Circuit “Exchange Student”

Alex reviews the Short Circuit film series’ “Exchange Student” about a girl who attends school on a different planet!

67 Days to Launch: The Incredibles

Cole discusses why the Disney•Pixar film The Incredibles is actually Disney’s best superhero movie. Yeah, Avengers we’re looking at you. Sorry not sorry.

68 Days to Launch: Leonard Maltin’s Favorite Movies Coming to Disney+

Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin stopped by the D23 Expo last month to discuss some of his favorite films that will be coming to the streaming service.

69 Days to Launch: 10 Must-See The Simpsons Episodes

663 episodes starring The Simpsons but where should you begin? Whether you’re a longtime fan, tuning in for the first time, or somewhere in the middle, Bill shares his top 10 picks that are essential viewing.

70 Days to Launch: Hercules

Disney fans will be able to watch this animated classic over and over again once Disney+ goes live this fall. Joe reviews the recent Public Theater stage adaptation of Disney’s 1997 film.

71 Days to Launch: Toy Story

Mike guides us through the first Disney•Pixar joint production and the impact it’s had on computer animation. 

72 Days to Launch: One Day at Disney

Jeremiah takes a look at this secret project Disney announced during the D23 Expo. One Day at Disney will be both a series on Disney+ and a book showcasing the individuals who make the magic happen across The Walt Disney Company.

73 Days to Launch: Disney+ Trailers

Disney recently shared their first trailers for the new movies and shows debuting on Disney+ later this year. These first looks include, Lady and the Tramp, Noelle and The Mandalorian.

74 Days to Launch: The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Mike takes us through the new original series from National Geographic as well as the show’s panel at D23. Each episode will explore a different topic relying on Goldblum’s natural charm and curiosity to help viewers learn more about the subject matter of the week.

75 Days to Launch: The Simpsons

Springfield’s favorite family is coming Disney+ and bringing with them 30 seasons worth of content! Mike recaps The Simpsons panel at the D23 Expo 2019 and shares what he’s most looking forward to when the series starts steaming November 12.

Be sure to check back with us each day for our latest featured movie or series.

In case you’re not excited enough:

  • Disney shared their first trailer for the series, and we’ve got to say it’s pretty darn magical.
  • Disney boasts that Disney+ will be the home of the “best stories in the world” and we have to agree. Take a look:

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