Countdown to Disney+: “Monsters at Work”

We are just over two months away from the highly-anticipated arrival of Disney+ and we will be counting down the days to launch by showing off one feature of the new streaming service every day. Whether it’s original content, classic films or anything else Disney+ will offer, we’ll have it covered.

And speaking of that original content, back at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, executive producer Roberts Gannaway and Ferrell Barron took the stage to discuss their work on the upcoming new animated series Monsters at Work, based on the hit Disney-Pixar film Monsters Inc.

  • Gannaway and Barron gave a look at the new characters we can expect to see in the upcoming series.
  • They also explained that the series will begin the day the monsters made the switch from scares over to laugh power, and will focus on how the monsters will adjust to this new way of life.
  • The show follow Tylor Tuskman, who was a scarer who struggles to make the adjustment to laugh power and is relegated to a desk job with the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) while he studies his jokes in hopes of becoming a jokester.
  • The producers also referred to the new series as both a “workplace comedy” and a “sitcom.”
  • They also showed some new locations that will be visited in the new series, like Creepees Stadium, home of the Monstropolis Creepees baseball team.
  • Monsters at Work will not be available on Disney+ at launch, and a release date for the animated series has not yet been announced.

The cast:

  • Ben Feldman as Tylor Tuskman
  • Aisha Tyler as Millie
  • Billy Crystal as Mike
  • John Goodman as Sully

Be sure to follow along with our “Countdown to Disney+” series as we continue to break down everything the streaming service will offer right up until it launches on November 12.