Disney+ Review Round-Up — Everything We’ve Seen So Far

Disney+ has finally made its grand debut. Between having the chance to preview some of the shows and films that will stream exclusively on the platform on launch day and making time this morning to watch some more, we’ve reviewed much of the content coming your way. To help you decide what to watch first, here’s a quick round-up of our Disney+ reviews so far. (P.S. Check out what else will be streaming on the platform with our Disney+ content guide!)

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The Mandalorian (Chapter 1)

“I love that this show is populated by recognizable alien species from throughout Star Wars lore, something that I’ve felt has been missing from Episodes VII and VIII. There are Rodians and Trandoshans hanging out in a cantina, a Kubaz renting out Landspeeder rides, and even Blurrgs from Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.” [Full review]

Lady and the Tramp

“Much like the first film, this rendition excels when told from the dog’s point of view. Perhaps fitting the format, you see a lot more of the human characters from above the ankles. While this sacrifices a bit of the original film’s charm, the new take makes up for it in another way that is only possible in live-action” [Full review]

The World According to Jeff Goldblum


“Each episode focuses on a specific topic, something that you would consider ordinary or not worth further exploration. Through Jeff Goldblum’s inquisitive nature and open mind, we experience it in a whole new way. Because this is NatGeo, viewers will get the historical significance of the topics as well, with brief histories provided through hypnotizing animated graphics. With Goldblum’s narrations, I found myself looking forward to these segments every episode.” [Full review]

The Imagineering Story

“With an ever-changing opening sequence and rare footage of the creation of some of your favorite Disney experiences, The Imagineering Story is a must-see and worth the cost of a Disney+ subscription all on its own.” [Full review]


“Part of the fun of the show is that while the cast are largely unprofessional actors, they are given top talent to direct the show, music, and choreography, as well as a professional ensemble. It’s fun to watch the pros react to the amateurs, who often give cringe-worthy performances. But the show doesn’t exist to make fun of the performers, but rather to show how brave they are by taking them out of their comfort zone and letting them relive a moment in time that meant something to them.” [Full review]

Forky Asks a Question

“The layers of comedy keep unfolding as Forky finds follow-up questions to each of Hamm’s answers about how currency works and where it comes from. The runtime may be short, but the creators have packed a lot of content in the few minutes you’ll spend with Forky each week.” [Full review]

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

“As silly as the premise may be and as much as it pokes fun at the source material, there’s also a deep reverence for it. The leads are so charismatic and appealing and audiences will quickly find the tension between them is gripping.” [Full review]

Marvel's Hero Project

“This series will be a must-see for the entire family and is a huge difference for any other documentary type show because 1) it shows young people are indeed going to change the world and 2) it’ll leave everyone inspired.” [Full review]


Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick, is a delightful new Christmas story that is sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit.” [Full Review]

Pixar SparkShorts



Smash and Grab


Disney+ officially launches on November 12th.

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