For the entire month of September, Freeform is hosting 30 Days of Disney — a celebration of everything Disney! Freeform will feature dozens of beloved movies all month, and the Laughing Place team will take a look at one of the films being shown each day with a variety of fun tie-ins.

Disney-Pixar films have been making us smile, laugh and cry ever since Toy Story premiered way back in 1995. One of the most fun parts of these films though is the little easter eggs scattered throughout them. Eagle-eyed fans are always trying to spot the little hidden gems in these movies.

Finding Dory is no exception as the popular sea-quel (get it?) has several of those little easter eggs for fans to go and find. Let’s take a look:


One of the recurring Pixar easter eggs is “A113” showing up in the films in one way or another. This code refers to a classroom in the California Institute of the Arts, where many Disney and Pixar animators got their start. In Finding Dory, this can be seen on the tags of the two sea lions seen above. One’s tag says “A1” while the other reads “13.” The code can also be found later in the film, on the license plate of an aquarium truck.

Pixar Address

The address for the studio also makes its way into the movie. On this Marine Life Institute boat, you’ll find the number 1200 on the side, referring to Pixar’s 1200 Park Ave. Everyville, California address. The number 86 can also be seen here, referring to the year in which Pixar became its own company.

Darla Picture

Everyone who has seen Finding Nemo will remember Darla, the young girl who terrorizes the fish in the dentist’s office. Well, she makes a brief appearance in this film as well, this time in the form of a photograph. It can be seen on the wall in the background when Dory first meets Hank.

Lava Magnet

As an added bonus, in that same scene you can see a magnet on the mini fridge with an image referring to Pixar’s popular short film “Lava.”

Disneyland Submarines

Pixar even makes a reference to Disneyland in this movie. In the Marine Life Institute, you’ll find a pipe labeled “Seawater Supply TL59.” The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland can be found in Tomorrowland and was opened in 1959, when it was originally simply titled Submarine Voyage. So the code “TL59” is a reference to Tomorroland (TL) and 1959.

Toy Fish

Marlin and Nemo find themselves trapped in a small fishtank at one point in the movie. As they look for a way out, a toy fish in the tank with them points them in the direction of a fountain. This could be looked at as a coincidence, or perhaps the toy knew exactly what it was doing, making it a nod to Toy Story.

Pizza Planet Truck

And of course, probably the most well-known Pixar easter egg is the Pizza Planet truck. This one can be found in the first 20 minutes of the film, as Dory is swimming above some junk at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a tough one to spot, but in the image above, you can just make out the windshield and iconic rocket on top.

You can find the full schedule of 30 Days of Disney films and air times here (Laughing Place) and here (Freeform).



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