Disney Shares New Teaser for Disney+ Starring “The Simpsons”

Disney has released a new trailer for Disney+, this time featuring The Simpsons and their favorite Disney properties.

What’s happening:

  • With Disney+ just weeks away from its official launch, Disney has shared a new teaser trailer with The Simpsons.
  • The family can be seen dressed to represent each of the brands featured on Disney+:
    • Lisa is a glacier for National Geographic
    • Maggie is Yoda for Star Wars
    • Homer is Iron Man for Marvel
    • Marge is Bo Peep for Pixar
  • Finally, Bart walks out dressed as Mickey Mouse representing Disney, and he’s not that happy about it.

  • A slightly longer version of this hilarious clip aired on television earlier in the week but Disney hasn’t released it on any official social channels.
  • This teaser goes with the larger promotion Disney has been focusing on featuring the Springfield family. Currently, Bart Simpson can be spotted tagging a Disney+ billboard in North Hollywood.


  • Back in April during the Disney Investor Day, Disney CEO and Chairman, Bob Iger announced that The Simpsons would indeed be coming to Disney+.
  • The company tweeted a video of the family’s reaction to the Fox acquisition.

  • Yeardly Smith, the voice of Lisa, was in attendance at the D23 Expo this year and took some time to visit the Disney+ stage. She hosted a fun trivia session for fans all about The Simpsons.

  • Additionally, Expo 2019 marked the first ever The Simpsons panel at D23.