D23 Unveils Sortable Disney+ Launch Day Content List

Last week, Disney+ made a splash by tweeting out every piece of library content that would be available on the service at launch and even cutting together clip reel of said content that ran more than three hours! While you can scroll through the complete list of what was announced, D23 has made it even easier to see if you’re favorite film or show will be streaming on November 12th.



What’s happening:

  • Over on D23.com, you can now view “basically everything” coming to Disney+ and sort the list by:
    • Year released
    • Type (feature, TV series, TV movie, TV special, short, home video)
    • Class (live-action, animation)
    • Brand (Fox, Disney, Hollywood Picture, Lucasfilm, Star Wars, Marvel, Touchstone, Pixar, National Geographic)

  • Of course, while the Day One line-up is already impressive, there’s much more to come
  • For more on what’s on the horizon for Disney+, you can also check out our Disney+ page.
  • Disney+ officially launches on November 12th — and you can sign-up now!