Marvel Must Haves Week 45 Round Up – “Moon Knight” Episode 6

Welcome back for another edition of Marvel Must Haves. This is the forty-fifth week of a year-long merchandise campaign, and Marvel is currently focusing on Moon Knight on Disney+.

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Ready to dive into the series? Read Mack’s recap of Episode 6, and catch up on all the news about Moon Knight on our guide page. Plus, check out the other forty-four weeks of Marvel Must Haves for all of your merchandise needs!

Episode 6 – “Gods and Monsters”

Harrow succeeds in getting what he needs to free Ammit, leading to a showdown of the gods via their avatars. As Ammit and Khonsu battle it out, Taweret joins the fight… with an avatar of her own.  

Coming Soon

The finale leaves us with some incredible reveals that will be featured on upcoming Funko Pop! figures. Khonshu and Ammit Pop! collectibles will land at Target while Leila’s Scarlet Scarab figure is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

Collectibles and Accessories

To wrap up the Moon Knight series, Marvel Must Haves end with two customizable designs from Zazzle to bring the mysterious hero home.

Moon Knight Egyptian Scarab Graphic Tote Bag |

Moon Knight Hieroglyphic Graphic Mug |


As for clothing, fans can customize your Marvel wardrobe with new T-shirts from Hot Topic.

Marvel Moon Knight Tarot Knight T-Shirt | Hot Topic

Marvel Moon Knight Mr. Knight Grunge Badge Girls Tank | Hot Topic

Our Universe Marvel Moon Knight Scarab Woven Button-Up

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