Video Unboxing: Jasco’s “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” String Lights and Enbrighten Galaxy Wave Projector

Star Wars Day may have been last week, but we’re celebrating “May the Fourth Be With You” all month long, especially considering we still have Star Wars Celebration and the Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi live-action Disney+ series to look forward to.

Our friends at Jasco recently sent over their Star Wars: The Mandalorian string lights (in two different varieties) for us to check out, and in the unboxing video below I finally had time to open them up and see what they look like in both the light and the dark– along with Jasco’s Enbrighten Galaxy Wave Projector, which brings any room to life with incredibly cool visual and audio effects for use at either sleep or party time.

Watch Jasco "Star Wars: The Mandalorian" string lights and Galaxy Wave Projector unboxing / review:

The Jasco Star Wars: The Mandalorian string lights feature either Grogu by himself or Grogu alternating with the Beskar helmet of Din Djarin along ten feet of electrical wiring. “Each LED bulb fills the surrounding space with a cool white light (5000K)—perfect for accent lighting and general ambience.” This would make the perfect gift for any Star Wars-loving child (not to mention adult) looking to brighten up their bedroom or party space with familiar intergalactic friends.

Meanwhile, the Enbrighten Galaxy Wave Projector is perfect for relaxing, bedtime or ambience, emitting “a vibrant galaxy of flowing colors, lasers, lights, effects and more across the room and ceiling. Users can easily customize the device’s brightness, speed, and more to create countless combinations of visual settings for any desired effect. Plus, the “soothing soundscapes” available include a babbling brook, campfire, ocean waves, forest wind, thunderstorm, waterfall, gentle rain, white noise, relaxation music and meditation music.

For additional information and to purchase your own Star Wars: The Mandalorian string lights or Enbrighten Galaxy Wave Projector, be sure to visit Jasco’s official website.