“This Is The Thanks I Get?!” Performed by Chris Pine Debuts as Second Song from Disney’s “Wish”

The second song to be released from Disney’s upcoming animated feature Wish as part of Wish Wednesdays is “This Is The Thanks I Get?!” performed by Chris Pine as King Magnifico.

What’s Happening:

  • Following in the footsteps of classic villain songs like “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (1989’s The Little Mermaid), “Be Prepared” (1994’s The Lion King) and “Mother Knows Best” (2010’s Tangled), Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Music Group today released “This Is The Thanks I Get?!,” performed by Chris Pine as the nefarious King Magnifico, from Disney’s upcoming musical comedy, Wish.
  • Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and Grammy-winning producer/songwriter/musician Benjamin Rice penned seven original songs for the film, including “This Is The Thanks I Get?”—now available on SiriusXM’s Disney Hits Channel 302, YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and all digital service providers.

  • The song is the second of five songs being revealed as part of a weekly “Wish Wednesdays” music campaign, following last week’s release of “This Wish.”
  • The Wish Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will be available November 17th on all streaming platforms.
  • Fans can pre-order the CD here and the vinyl here.
  • Disney Animation also released a short video of Chris Pine recording the song in the booth alongside his animated counterpart.

What They’re Saying:

  • In the movie, people come from all around the world to give their wishes to Magnifico, a charming and confident King who promises to grant their deepest desires—someday. But the King isn’t entirely altruistic; he alone decides whose wish will be granted, and he relishes the control. “He’s charismatic; he’s handsome—and he knows it—but I think he truly believes their wishes are safest in his hands,” said screenwriter/executive producer Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios. “So when Asha exposes the flaw in his philosophy, he feels underappreciated and threatened.”
  • Director Chris Buck: “We just had a blast with it. The visuals are terrific—he’s the King and he feels like nobody respects him. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good villain song, so Julia and Ben just went for it.”
  • Director Fawn Veerasunthorn: “We’d provide a rough version of the script [to Julia and Ben] and they’d go away for a while and come back with a song. Their songs inspired us. For ‘This Is The Thanks I Get?!’ we knew we wanted Magnifico to be charming and, of course, evil. He’s also funny! In the song, he cracks jokes—he’s narcissistic. But it’s all tongue-in-cheek and he’s still somehow completely likable, which is great for a villain.”
Tricia Kennedy
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