Ultraman to Team Up with Marvel Heroes in New Comic Series

Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions are giving fans a highly requested crossover.

ULTRAMAN X AVENGERS #1 cover by Dike Ruan

ULTRAMAN X AVENGERS #1 cover by Dike Ruan

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel announced today that the mega popular Ultraman would be crossing over with Marvel superheroes for the first time in a new limited comic series.
  • The new series, titled Ultraman x Avengers, will see the Tsuburaya Productions character appear with the likes of the Avengers, Spider-Man, and more.
  • In the comic, Spider-Man has disappeared leaving Ultraman to handle a new intergalactic threat while keeping an eye on the Kaiju of Earth. Ultraman won’t be alone for long, as he will meet the Avengers. Readers will find out what kind of extraterrestrial enemy is strong enough to require Marvel’s most powerful fighters and Japan’s greatest hero.
  • The four-part series will be written by Kyle Higgens and Mat Groom and illustrated by Francesco Manna, who all worked on Ultraman's previous Marvel comic series.
  • Writers Groom and Higgins expressed their excitement for the upcoming crossover saying "Of course we're excited to be back with more Ultraman, as ever, but especially for such a meaningful event… This is the first time Ultraman will meet the Avengers, despite them having so much in common—both being created in the 1960s, both being arguably the most popular and successful super heroes from their respective countries of origin. Being able to tell the story of this historic meeting: discovering how they interact, the ways in which they're different, what they have to learn from each other—it's a tremendous privilege.""
  • Ultraman x Avengers will be released on August 14th.

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