Jackets and Hoodies and Hats, Oh Boy! RSVLTS D100 Styles Return on Even More Apparel

A whole new world of fashion possibilities is about to open for Disney fans courtesy of RSVLTS (The Roosevelts). The “super high-grade Americana” clothing brand has retooled a total of nine designs from their Disney100 collections as ShredFlex performance hoodies, baseball caps, and a reversible bomber jacket all in celebration of 100 Years of Wonder. Are you intrigued? Read on!

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All year long RSVLTS has been joining Disney in commemorating their 100th anniversary with three exciting apparel collections starring Mickey Mouse and dozens of other characters that fans adore. We’ve loved the designs featuring sketches, photo booth pics, art deco, micro-sized Mickey’s and so much more. For this momentous occasion, Disney pulled out all of the stops allowing licensees like RSVLTS to present beloved characters in fun, never before seen mashups and the results were awesome.

As much as we loved the signature Kunuflex button down shirts (and boy do we love them), RSVLTS is taking things a step further by bringing the fan favorite patterns to one limited edition Reversible Bomber Jacket, five Limited Edition Hats, and nine ShredFlex Performance Hoodies.

Fans will recognize patterns like “Hiya, Pal!,” “The Gang’s All Here,” and “Mickey Pop” featured throughout the collection and while the designs aren’t new to RSVLTS, the hats and bomber jacket are new formats being released under the Disney100 x RSVLTS umbrella.

The star piece in this drop is the Limited Edition “Steamboat Mickey” Reversible Bomber Jacket ($85). The unisex cut and dual sided designs make it a versatile item for Disney fans and is a great outer layer for those chilly fall days. One side features the black and white “Steamboat Mickey” pattern accented with solid black sleeves, collar and hem. The reverse is an off white background featuring a small Steamboat Willie logo on the chest while the back boasts a large image of Mickey and the steamboat among the words “Disney Cartoons Presents” and “Steamboat Willie.” The black collar stays, but the sleeves are now greyscale like an old fashioned cartoon!

RSVLTS is also encouraging Disney lovers to get their head in the game with five Limited Edition Hats ($35). These classic baseball caps are available with Regular or Sloped Crowns and present a “Disney100″ logo or Mickey Mouse icon on the front, but the real magic is happening under the brim. All five hats feature a Series 1 pattern— “Steamboat Mickey,” “Hiya, Pal!,” or “Sketches to Screen”— on the inside brim as a fun secret for the wearer. The back of each hat is either blank or features a “Disney100″ logo. 

Finally there’s the unisex ShredFlex Performance Hoodies ($75) that, like their Kunuflex siblings, are an absolute dream to wear! The four-way stretch signature material is light and breathable offering a soft comfy fit that will keep up with fans on all of their daily adventures.

The Disney100 Collection will be available on the RSVLTS site starting at 4pm ET. All styles in the collection are unisex; the Reversible Bomber Jacket is available in sizes XS-4XL ($85); Hats feature Regular or Sloped Crowns ($35); and Performance Hoodies are made with ShredFlex material (light, breathable, soft & comfy fit with four-way stretch) and come in sizes XS-4XL ($75).

Did You Know?:

  • Since 2012, RSVLTS has been bringing the best elements of pop culture to fans with awesome apparel and accessories inspired by dozens of favorite franchises. Their clothes are comfortable, super easy to care for and really cool!

All photos courtesy of RSVLTS

October 16th marked the official 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, but Disney100 is taking place throughout 2023! Stay up to date with the latest news, merchandise, content and park offerings by checking out our Disney100 tag.