Stuck On You! BoxLunch Exclusive Disney Couples Pins Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day 2024

As Disney fans, there is no doubt that we love a good pin collection and with Valentine’s Day coming soon, we’re obsessing over BoxLunch’s exclusive Disney Couples pins! Whether you ship Mulan and Shang or find yourself drawn to Stitch and Angel, BoxLunch has you covered. Wanna see who else is on the couples pin roster? Let’s take a look!

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Disney fans have no shortage of options when it comes to movie and series merchandise and BoxLunch has a wonderful selection of exclusive character-inspired pins that capture the spirit of Valentine's Day. Iconic Disney couples come together (and go apart) as matching sets celebrating their found love.

Sometimes it’s challenging for Princesses and leading ladies to get the guy of their dreams, but fortunately all three of these gals got the happy ending. Eric and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) are show here in the famous “Kiss The Girl”  boat scene; Mulan and Shang (Mulan) finally get to have a heart to heart after she saved all of China; and Megara and Hercules (Hercules) flirt a bit as he tastefully shows off his godly physique.

Pixar’s unusual and sweet love story between two robots is told throughout WALL•E against a backdrop of a desolate Earth, a modern space transport, and also out in space. Here WALL•E and EVE enjoy a cute moment as he expresses his desire to dance.

While we’re thinking about being in space, there’s a charming duo who wound up coming to Earth from an alien planet! Originally known as Experiment 626, the sometimes troublemaker Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) truly has a heart of gold, and eyes for fellow Experiment 624, Angel (Lilo & Stitch: The Series). This Valentine’s Day they’re enjoying a day at the beach as depicted on the cute pin.

Some love is meant to last forever and when you’re that sure about the other person, you make it official by getting married like Couples Carl and Ellie (Up) and Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians). Newlyweds Carl and Ellie enjoy a picnic in the park and take some time to trace funny shapes in the clouds. As for the canine couple Pongo and Perdy, this framed pin shows them moments after they’ve exchanged their vows.

You didn’t think this pin post would leave out Mickey and Minnie, did you? The global icons have their backs to each other but are turning to look at their sweetheart. A couple of butterflies and meadow of flowers help to set the outdoor scene. Oh! and for more fun, when put together the pin makes a Mickey Mouse head.

Last but not least, are these standalone pins showcasing couples Jack and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Carl and Ellie. Halloween Town’s resident sweethearts have headed into the forest to check out the holiday tree with a heart door. The hinged pin opens to reveal the duo celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Carl and Ellie have been married for a while as the couple is pictured here with grey hair and a few wrinkles. Ellie never got to see their beloved house floating by balloon cluster, but this domed pin (with beads!) hints at Carl’s future adventure.

More Valentine’s Day Fun:

BoxLunch has so much more Valentine's Day merchandise to browse and we’ve rounded up even more favorites we think you’ll love!

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