To Twin Is In: BoxLunch Exclusive Disney Couples Shirts For Valentine’s Day and Your Next Disney Vacation

Disney fans love a good love story and there are plenty of sweet, epic, imaginative and fun tales of relationship triumphs in the Disney vault. The storytelling extends to Marvel and Star Wars too as characters with and without super powers discover the importance of love. Now with Valentine’s Day on the horizon you can rep your favorite Disney duo with couples shirts from BoxLunch!

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Disney fans have no shortage of options when it comes to movie and series merchandise and BoxLunch has a wonderful selection of exclusive character-inspired apparel that’s perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday or whenever you want to twin with someone you love. Say hello to the 2024 lineup of couples shirts that feature some of the most dynamic duos in cinematic history!

How fun are these split dye hoodies featuring Angel and Stitch?! Originally known as Experiments 624 and 626 respectively, the cute troublemakers are in a zen mood right now as they gaze in the other’s direction. Angel’s hoodie is peach and burgundy while Stitch and his big heart are positioned against two shades of blue.

The most recognizable couple in all of Disney history is Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, but have you ever seen them depicted on hockey jerseys? Mickey sports a lot of black with some pops of red on his jersey while Minnie’s is a dusty rose and light pink. Icons of both of their heads are featured on the front while the back lists their name and “28″ to mark their official debut.

Swinging over to the Marvel universe and the Spider-Verse at that, it turns out that heroes Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen kinda, sorta have a thing for each other! Miles sits in front of his signature spider logo and holds out a pink rose for Gwen; meanwhile she too is in front of her logo while holding her hand up to her chest as if to say “For Me?”

Fans of all things Star Wars can pick up the Princess Leia “I Love You” and Han Solo “I Know” tees that feature those famous lines of dialogue along with three images of each from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

If your goal this V-Day is to replicate the Spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, you can go so far as dressing in matching shirts for the occasion! Lady graces a rose colored T-shirt and is chowing down on some spaghetti. The great big noodle rises above her forming a heart that reaches over to…form another noodle heart on a blue shirt where Tramp is enjoying his spaghetti!

Daisy Duck and Donald Duck are also showing their Valentine's Day spirit on matching tie-dye T-shirts. Daisy is all flirty and cute on her pink and purple tee as she looks in Donald’s direction; Donald (pictured here happy!) has his eyes closed as he sends his love her way.

Pixar’s WALL•E and EVE have a love that’s out of this world! The robot couple float in the air on separate shirts as a trail of fire extinguisher dusts swirls below them. EVE floats towards the left part of her shirt looking in WALL•E’s direction. He is backed up against the left side of his shirt as the fire extinguisher pushes him through space!

Now Toy Story’s Woody and Jessie were never an item, but they have a shared history as a cowboy and cowgirl. This Valentine's Day celebrate their friendship by snatching up a pair of baseball jerseys. Woody’s jersey has red stripes and his name in block letters on the front next to his sheriff’s star badge. Jessie’s look skips the stripes and opts for red trim, while her name is also in block letters but with a cow print. The backs have “Andy” and “Bonnie”’s names and the numbers “95″ and “99″ for the year they made their big screen debuts.

Adventure is out there! Ellie and Carl (Up) started their relationship as friends and later fell in love. This V-Day you can celebrate your own story and whatever phase it’s currently in with these simple colorful tees that have a young Ellie proudly standing by her name while a young Carl shyling poses by his.

More Valentine’s Day Fun:

BoxLunch has so much more Valentine's Day merchandise to browse and we’ve rounded up even more favorites we think you’ll love!

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