“Disney Lorcana” Exclusive Reveal: Pua – Potbellied Buddy

With the release of the next Disney Lorcana chapter Into the Inklands approaching, Laughing Place is excited to exclusively reveal another new card from the expansion.

What happening:

  • Pua – Potbellied Buddy (53/204) is a common card that can be found in the Into the Inklands release.
  • Featuring great (and adorable!) art by Denny Minonne, this card allows players to shuffle it back into their deck even after Pua has been banished.
  • The card is an Amethyst — which means that it won’t be included in either Inklands starter deck as those will take on Ruby/Sapphire and Amber/Emerald configurations this time around.
  • Of course, the timing of this card reveal couldn’t be more appropriate as Moana 2 was officially announced earlier this week and will hit theatres this November.
  • Luckily for fans of Moana’s pet pig, he can be spotted in first art released from the film.

  • Meanwhile, Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands will be available at local game stores on February 23rd (pro tip: use Ravensburger’s store locator to find your local shop) and will be available at mass retailers on March 8th.

More Disney Lorcana:

  • Recently, a new Into the Inklands story trailer debuted — which also revealed that Atlantis: The Lost Empire will join the TCG.  
  • In addition to the upcoming release of Into the Inklands, Ravensburger has also announced release dates for subsequent Disney Lorcana chapters.
  • Plus, a progressive learn-to-play stand-along product called Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway will arrive on August 9th.

Kyle Burbank
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