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Report: Club 33 Breakfast and Disneyland Tour with Imagineers
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by John Frost
September 29, 2000
A report on the first of the three "Club 33 Breakfast and Tour with Imagineer" special events to benefit the Ryman-Caroll Foundation.

This last weekend Disneyland fans were treated to an amazing day at the Happiest Place on Earth. Best of all it benefited a great cause - The Ryman-Carroll Foundation. The foundation, which provides art scholarships to the underprivileged, was founded as a tribute to legendary Disney artist Herbert Dickens ("Herb") Ryman and is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

By all accounts the first weekend of a sold out three weekend event was an amazing success. Not only did proceeds go to support the Ryman-Carroll foundation, but those in attendance were treated to some rare stories and a spectacular new exhibit at the Disney Gallery.

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6:00 a.m. registration

The day started early with a 6 AM call for registration. Once all one hundred attendees were assembled we were escorted into Disneyland and to the members only Club 33 for breakfast.

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Cluib 33 Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast was a buffet style spread put on only as Club 33 can do. (Don't miss the Macaroons for dessert.) Seating was not arranged, so groups at the back of the line had a little trouble sitting together. However, cast members were very helpful in trying to seat couples.

During the course of breakfast Assistant Manager Shelley spoke on some of the history of the club and a few of its unique aspects. For instance, Lillian Disney handpicked the antiques that decorate the club. However, after the current Disney Company regime came to power, and Lillian's son-in-law ousted, most of the artifacts were reclaimed by the family.

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