Toon Talk: DisneyNature Oceans Blu-Ray - Oct 19, 2010

Toon Talk: DisneyNature Oceans Blu-Ray
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by Kirby Holt (archives)
October 19, 2010
Kirby reviews the Blu-Ray release of DisneyNature Oceans.

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Disney Blu-ray
MPAA Rating: G

The Big Blue


Continuing in the grand tradition of such superlative nature documentaries as the True-Life Adventures and last year’s Earth, DisneyNature’s Oceans (available on Disney DVD and Blu-ray this week) takes viewers on a breathtaking, eye-opening adventure to the bottom of the sea and back.

As directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud (makers of the Oscar nominated Winged Migration), Oceans introduces you to a wide variety of creatures both in and out of the water. The cast of thousands include ghost-like jellyfish, darting and spinning dolphins, piggybacking sea turtles, sunbathing walruses and the endlessly fascinating denizens of a coral reef, among many, many others.

Actor Pierce Brosnan narrates soothingly, frequently stepping back to let the stunning visuals have their say. And what stunning visuals you’ll see, from a feeding frenzy punctuated by torpedoing gulls, to a cyclone of fish morphing before your eyes into a living, pulsating globe, to a pair of humpback whales peacefully sleeping, nose down. You’ll even witness the unlikely sight of a spider crab “gang war”.

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Unlike its immediate predecessor Earth, Oceans doesn’t shy away as much from the proverbial “circle of life” moments, such as a great white shark dining out on some unlucky sea lions (take that, “Shark Week”). Even more harrowing is the hazardous first day of a new batch of baby sea turtles. Oceans also doesn’t graft on an imposed storyline like Earth did, settling instead on a pleasant, free-flowing “stream of events” style.

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