Guest Column: Top Ten True Romantic Disney Moments - Feb 27, 2007

Guest Column: Top Ten True Romantic Disney Moments
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No.4: Robin Hood (1973)
The whole sequence of music between Robin Hood and Maid Marian in the woods

They were childhood sweethearts and there's no love more pure than a child's love. As the appropriate song, 'Love', is played, Robin and Marion stroll in the woods reliving memories of their childhood when they had first been in love. It is obvious that this love took a LONG time to develop, as love honestly does, and it is still there even after a long separation, which is real love's ultimate test.

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No. 3: Lady And The Tramp (1955)
The Spaghetti Scene

What would a romantic list be without this one? Ok, you might think I'm contradicting myself by mentioning this scene, but this scene doesn't have 'love at first sight', for Lady and The Tramp knew each other for a quite a while. The scene is not so much a ' I've fallen desperately in love' scene as a 'Giddy first date' scene. The scene where Tramp gladly gives Lady his last meatball is touching as that's what a boy would probably do for a girl on their first date.

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No. 2: Beauty And The Beast (1991)
Belle says 'I love you' to the Beast.

I promised one Disney Princess and here she is. This, I think, is the only one of the Disney Princess that has a real love story. The overall theme of this movie is the true definition of love: it's not the outside of someone that counts, it's who they are inside! Obviously this isn't a 'love at first sight' story, it's a love that has grown and developed over (as the midquils tell us) months, maybe even a year. Belle and the Beast, in sharing the same quarters, grew to see each other's best and worst qualities, and respect, accept, and love them. Thus, when the Beast turns into the Prince, Belle doesn't even care. To her, he's the beast no matter what he looks like and nothing can change her love for him!

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No 1- Most Real Romantic Disney Moment
The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

Bernard proposes to Miss Bianca

We have seen many proposals in Disney films, a couple WERE based on real love (Robin Hood) but no other proposal has the same effect as this one from The Rescuers Down Under...mostly cause it took almost 13 years for Bernard to work up enough courage to ask Bianca to marry him! But even though this proposal no doubt took the longest, it is the prime example of true, real love. Bianca and Bernard, in going through so many missions together, have seen each other at their best and worst. They know each other by heart, as a person can see when viewing the movie. By constantly risking their lives, they know and trust each other with everything. Despite their obvious differences, no couple belongs together more than Bernard and Bianca.

Well, there you have it. 10 examples that true, real love can exist without the help of looks or money. Most of the movies mentioned are (unfortunately) hard to find, but I do hope that parents can find them and give them a chance. They not only are great entertainment, but give a true romantic message as well!

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-- Louisa Swanson and Fernando

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-- February 27, 2007

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