Princess Leia was Recast for “Star Wars: Resistance” Winter Finale

The iconic role of Princess Leia was apparently recast for the winter finale of Disney Channel’s animated series Star Wars: Resistanceaccording to CinemaBlend.

  • In the series premiere of Star Wars: Resistance back in October, General Leia Organa was voiced by voice actress Rachel Butera.
  • After the recent winter finale, the closing credits showed Leia as being voice by Carolyn Hennesy, not Butera.
  • There was no previous announcement of a recasting prior to the winter finale, which aired on Sunday, December 9.
  • Hennesy also voices Leia in LEGO Star Wars: All Stars.
  • There has been no official explanation for the recasting, though it seems likely that it came as a result of a controversial social media post from Butera that has since been deleted.

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