“Captain Marvel” Opens with Heroic Box Office Numbers

Marvel Studios made yet another addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe last weekend when Captain Marvel made its long-awaited debut. As you might have guessed, the new film opened to some big box office success.

  • Captain Marvel put up some big opening weekend numbers, earning an estimated $153 million domestically and more than $303 million in foreign gross, totaling more than $456 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.
  • In terms of domestic numbers, Captain Marvel put up the 18th biggest opening weekend of all-time, just short of the $155 million mark set by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • In relation to other MCU movies, Captain Marvel places 7th for biggest domestic opening weekend.
  • When it comes to solo movies in the MCU though, Captain Marvel is only beaten out by two films (Black Panther and Iron Man 3), unless of course you count Captain America: Civil War as a solo movie.
  • The worldwide totals earned by Captain Marvel are even more impressive. The new female-led superhero film places 6th all-time for worldwide gross on an opening weekend, with Avengers: Infinity War being the only MCU film to beat it out.
  • Perhaps the most impressive number when it comes to Captain Marvel’s opening weekend box office numbers is Cole’s incredibly close prediction of $151.3 million for domestic earnings.

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