Toy Fair 2020 is underway in New York City, and this weekend has already seen some big reveals from one of the most pop-ular (pun intended) toy companies out there: Funko, whose inescapable line of Pop! Vinyl figures have become a mainstay of collectors’ shelves over the past decade.


The first Disney tie-in line from Funko’s Pop! Vinyl revealed at Toy Fair this year is licensed to Pixar’s upcoming animated feature Soul, starring the voices of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. Characters included are 22, Grinning 22, Joe, and Soul Joe. Pens and a keychain also coming soon.


Did you know Funko makes pins? From big pins that are boxed like a Funko Pop! vinyl figure to regular sized collectable pins that even fit special Loungefly bags, there’s a pin for everybody.

Disney Villains

Up next we have Maleficent on Throne (from Sleeping Beauty) and Hades on Throne (from Hercules) from Funko’s Disney Villains line. They recently got into the cosmetics business as well with a line of Disney Villains products available at Ulta stores.

Disney Princess

Loungefly has several new bags in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Cinderella, including one that looks like the pink dress the mice made for her where the straps are measuring tape! Another bag features the princess’ bluebirds in addition to a collection of Disney Princess pen toppers.


Then there’s Funko’s Marvel series, which this year will see the introduction of Valkyrie on Horse and Stan Lee in Ragnarok Outfit from Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok.

Marvel Venomized

Venom has taken over some of your favorite Marvel characters in this collection of Funko Pop! Figures and a Mystery-Mini bobble head wave.

Marvel Zombies

The decaying, flesh-eating versions of Marvel superheroes are represented here with Black Panther, Deadpool, Gambit, Hulk, Mysterio, and Wolverine. Plus, some of those same characters are getting their own smaller keychain versions as well, with the addition of Magneto.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

This 1997 Touchstone Pictures release starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow will receive Pop! Vinyl figures of both Romy and Michele, naturally. How could you have one without the other?

Fight Club

This cult favorite film from 20th Century Fox (now the Disney-owned 20th Century Studios) starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, and Funko is issuing new figures of Tyler Durden and The Narrator.

The Mighty Ducks

Everyone’s favorite fictional Disney hockey team (which in turn inspired a real-life hockey team in Anaheim, California) is getting new Pop! Vinyls depicting the characters Charlie Conway, Coach Bombay, Goldberg, Fulton Reed, and Adam Banks.


From the animated feature to the upcoming live-action epic, Funko offers a variety of ways to celebrate the journey of Mulan. From the new film, there’s Warrior Mulan and Villager Mulan. For fans of the animated classic, Mulan on her horse Khan is part of the Funko Pop! Ridez line, while Mushu fans won’t want to miss the 10” Super Sized Mushu holding a smaller Cri-Kee.


Your favorite ABC dinosaur family comes to Funko Pop! including Baby, Earl, Fran, Charlene, and Robbie.

FunkoVerse – The Golden Girls

Dorothy and Sophia are already available in the FunkoVerse game series, with Blanche and Dorothy adding to the collection in the near future.

The Greatest Showman

Four characters from Fox’s The Greatest Showman are now available including P.T. Barnum and the Bearded Lady.

Star Wars

“The Child” is coming in both 10-inch and 3.75-inch figures along with other characters from The Mandalorian including the Mandalorian on Blurgg. Another collection celebrates 40 years of The Empire Strikes Back, including Han Solo in Carbonite and Dagobah Luke with Yoda.

Other Funko Brands

One of the newest Funko specialities is a line called Funko Soda, where collectors get a known character inside of a soda can. However, there are variant characters that could include alternate paint jobs or even a metallic finish. The line currently includes licensed characters from DC and Hanna Barbera, but could expand in the future to include some Disney IP.

New original toy lines from Funko include "Snapsies" – a capsule collection for kids with swappable parts, including faces. Retail stores will have capsule machines with touch-screen interactions and there's a downloadable app for additional play.

Boogey Monsters feature slime-filled nostrils. Kids use the included finger to scoop out figures from each hole. "Gashouse Gang" are rubber characters with names like "Ran-Sid," which is Disnar spelled backwards, and "Butt-Crackula." Kids squeeze them to play pre-recorded gross sounds. Also coming in a plush line.

Finally, "Paka Paka" is already in stores, another capsule-style collectable series that can currently be found in GameStop. New for 2020 is a series called "Toilet Ninjas."

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