During today’s earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said more details on the long-awaited Disney Genie will be revealed soon.

  • Chapek didn’t say exactly when we could expect to learn new details on the new program, just that they would be “revealed soon.”
  • He did however, share an explanation as to just what Disney Genie really is:
    • “The goal of Disney Genie, which will appear in the user-friendly app, is to create a better, more personalized, and customized experience for guests, putting them in control and providing even greater flexibility and choice. They will be able to spend less time waiting in line and figuring out what attractions and dining options are available and more time having fun.”
  • When he was later asked about Disney Genia, Chapek wen on to explain how much of a step up this will be from the familiar MyMagic+ program used at Walt Disney World:
    • “MyMagic+ was us basically sticking our toe in the pond of this type of transformational work. Disney Genie though is that program on steroids. This is going to revolutionize our guest experience.”
  • Be sure to check back for more information of Disney Genie as it becomes available.

More on Disney Genie:

  • Disney Genie was originally announced in 2019 at the D23 Expo that year.
  • Even with the debut of Disney MagicMobile at Walt Disney World resort, it seems that this new digital offering is still coming.
  • Disney said back in 2019 that Disney Genie will make planning easier and more fun by providing customized itineraries geared to your interests, right at your fingertips – from a royal, princess-themed day at Magic Kingdom Park to a trip around the world at EPCOT for foodies and even a perfect day for thrill seekers. Certain features of Disney Genie will also be available through your preferred travel professional.
  • Sometimes you may know exactly what you want to do, but may not know the best time or order in which to do it. You’ll be able to tell Disney Genie what you’d like to experience, and it will quickly evaluate millions of options to present you with an optimal day. And best of all, it’s flexible! If you change your mind for any reason, Disney Genie will re-optimize your day.
  • Disney Genie can also send you real-time tips and updates, including recommendations for experiences it thinks you’ll love, helping you navigate the theme parks with added convenience and comfort. If you don’t want to worry about making reservations in multiple steps, Disney Genie will even take care of that for you.
  • During a presentation back in April, Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, didn’t specify a date when Disney Genie would be available, aside from mentioning it and saying that it will be “Coming Soon” to Walt Disney World.
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