Disneyland Paris Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of the Princess Week Photo Shoot with New Making Of Video

Earlier this year, Disneyland Paris invited Disney fans to be part of a photo shoot for World Princess Week where the selected guests had a chance to dress as their favorite Disney Princesses. Now, the Resort is sharing a Making Of video featuring the lucky fans who participated in this magical experience.

What’s Happening:

  • Last month, as part of Disney’s first ever World Princess Week, Disneyland Paris shared images from a stunning photo shoot inspired by the Disney Princesses.
  • Several models from diverse backgrounds and experiences came to the resort to participate in this unique experience. Each model was dressed and styled after their favorite heroines had their picture taken at some of the most beautiful locations in the park.
  • Today, Disneyland Paris is giving guests a behind the scenes look at creating the photo shoot through a new Making Of video. Take a look:

  • In this special look, fans are introduced to the models who share some of the highlights of being part of this magical project as well as how the various princesses inspire them.

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