Namor and the Black Panther Fight Side-by-Side on Cover of “Black Panther #13”

The King of Wakanda and the King of Atlantis will cross paths again in January’s “Black Panther #13,” but this time, they may actually fight side-by-side.

  • Writer John Ridley’s run on the title has found T’Challa removed from the Avengers, exiled from Wakanda, and on his own against a threat with deep ties to his past.
  • “Black Panther #13″ will depict a heated battle between T’Challa and the Avengers, and just when all seems lost, an unexpected ally arrives at the fray to stand at T'Challa's side.
  • Enter Namor. The most bitter rivalry in Marvel Comics reaches a surprising turning point but will T’Challa accept Namor’s help or make him pay for the pain he's inflicted on Wakanda in the past?
  • Check out the cover now and find out if Namor is truly Wakanda’s savior in “Black Panther #13″ on January 11.

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