Be One with the Force with Yoda nuiMO Plush and Star Wars Cosplay Outfits on shopDisney

Yay! It’s finally Star Wars Day and the Disney nuiMOs are making this the best celebration ever as they welcome Yoda to the gang! But that’s not all, new cosplay clothing styles and a nuiMO lightsaber accessories have also debuted and they're all available on shopDisney

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What’s Happening:

  • How is this for a fun surprise? Jedi Master Yoda is now part of the Disney nuiMO family! That’s right, the ancient creature has a new lease on life, and it’s part of your Disney plush collection.
  • Yoda is dressed in the common apparel of Jedi: brown trousers and a tan robe. His large ears appear to be relaxed and he’s got a stoic smile on his face.
  • In addition to the poseable Yoda plush, there’s a trio or cosplay outfits for the nuiMOs themed to Princess Leia, Han Solo and Stormtroopers.

  • Of course you can’t have Star Wars cosplay without lightsabers, and your favorite nuiMOs can have their own duels with the blue, red, and green blades that come in one cute kit.
  • The Star Wars Yoda nuiMO and new range of outfits are available now on shopDisney and will fit any of the Disney nuiMO plushes. Prices range from $12.99-$19.99
  • Links to individual items can be found below.

Yoda Disney nuiMOs Plush – Star Wars – $19.99

Disney nuiMOs Princess Leia Inspired Outfit – Star Wars – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Han Solo Inspired Outfit – Star Wars – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Stormtrooper Inspired Outfit – Star Wars – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Plush LIGHTSABER Accessory Set – Star Wars – $12.99

More Disney nuiMOs:

  • After originating in Japan and making their way to Shanghai and Hong Kong, the adorable friends came to the United States in January 2021.
  • nuiMO is a combination of the Japanese words nuigurumi, meaning plush and moderu meaning model.
  • The characters that have debuted here include:

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