Disney100 Decades Collection 1950s Spotlights “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” and More

The Disney100 Celebration has officially started and one of the ways fans can commemorate the anniversary is with merchandise! The Disney100 Decades Collection is the 2023 continuity line that will focus on movies, cartoons, and characters from the Walt Disney Company’s century of entertainment. This month they’re heading to the 1950s with Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, The Shaggy Dog and more. (Please note this article contains affiliate links. Your purchase will support LaughingPlace by providing us a small commission, but will not affect your pricing or user experience. Thank you.)   What’s Happening:
  • It’s not every day your company turns 100 years old so when you reach the exciting milestone, you’ve got to celebrate in a big way!
  • One of the most anticipated merchandise collections is the Disney100 Decades continuity line that will focus on the way the company has evolved in 10 year blocks of time from 1920-2010.
  • For the month of May the Decades Collection is heading to the 1950s with classics:
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Cinderella
    • The Shaggy Dog
    • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    • Goofy and Humphrey Bear
    • Peter Pan
  • Characters from the films can be spotted throughout this whimsical assortment spanning, ear headbands, plush, accessories, pins and a MagicBand+.
  • The Disney100 Decades 1950s Collection will be available on shopDisney starting May 15th at 8am PT.
  • Links to the individual items can be found below.
Free shipping at shopDisney: Don’t forget that shopDisney purchases of $75+ (pre tax) qualify for free standard shipping. Just use the code SHIPMAGIC at checkout.   “This MagicBand+ design relives Alice’s golden afternoon encounter with the Garden of Live Flowers from Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland MagicBand+ – Limited Edition – $64.00
  • Limited Edition of 4.300
“The dreams that you wish can come true when carrying this simulated leather Loungefly mini backpack inspired by Cinderella. A dazzling inset lenticular front panel changes our heroine’s appearance from rags to riches like magic, while her Fairy Godmother and animal friends look on in amazement.” Cinderella Loungefly Mini Backpack – Disney100 – $88.00 “The shaggiest dog you ever saw is now the shaggiest plush you’ll ever hug. Oh, what a pet! He’s dressed in his letterman sweater and fedora, just like the movie poster from the 1959 live-action film classic The Shaggy Dog. Shaggy (a.k.a. ”Chiffon”) will transform your days and nights with furry cuddles and screwball comedy fun.” The Shaggy Dog Plush – Disney100 – 12” – $34.99   “You’ll have a whale of a tale to tell of your explorations and adventures aboard the Nautilus submarine while wearing this simulated leather ear headband themed to the mighty motion picture 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. With portholes as mouse ears, you’ll see the giant squid attack and honor Disney’s 100 anniversary with a special metal tag.” 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Ear Headband for Adults – Disney100 – $39.99   “Brownstone National Park’s most trouble-bound resident Humphrey Bear made his first animated appearance alongside amateur photographer Goofy in “Hold That Pose” (1950), then went on to bedevil Donald Duck and Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore in a series of frantically funny short cartoons. This limited release pin with slide and swivel features is inspired by his screen debut. Pick it up and put it in the bag!” Goofy and Humphrey Bear Pin – Hold That Pose – Disney100 – Limited Release – $34.99   ”Give me a career as a buccaneer, it’s the life of a pirate for me,” sing Captain Hook’s crew in Peter Pan. Now you can try the pirate’s life yourself with this figurine play set including the Jolly Roger ship, Mr. Smee in rowboat, five pirates and a paper-assembled Skull Rock setting. Of course, that old ”codfish” Hook and his youthful nemesis Pan are ready to cross swords for control of Never Land, all in your own soaring playtime adventures! Peter Pan Figure Play Set – Disney100 | shopDisney – $49.99   Disney100 Decades Collection:
  • Journey back through the remarkable history of the Walt Disney Company with the Decades Collection. Each month will celebrate a Disney film that has resonated with audiences of all ages.
  • New assortments in the Decades Collection will launch on shopDisney on the third Monday of the month at 8am PT. Upcoming Decades in the series include:
    • 1960s – The Jungle Book (June 19th)
    • 1970s – The Aristocats (July 17th)
    • 1980s – Rescue Rangers (August 21st)
    • 1990s – Beauty and the Beast (September 18th)
    • 2000s – The Princess and the Frog (October 16th)
    • 2010s – Toy Story 4 (November 20th)
  Previous Releases Featured:

While the official anniversary doesn’t come until October, Disney100 is taking place throughout 2023! Stay up to date with the latest news, merchandise, content and park offerings by checking out our Disney100 tag.
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