Celebrate 65 Years of 20th Century Fox’s “The Fly” with a D23 Gold Member Exclusive Pin

D23 is celebrating the 65th anniversary of the original 20th Century Fox version of The Fly with a new Gold Member exclusive pin.

D23 Exclusive The Fly (1958) 65th Anniversary Pin:

  • The pin is inspired by 20th Century Studios’ sci-fi classic The Fly, which follows renowned scientist Dr. André Delambre (Al Hedison, later known as David Hedison) as he tests his teleportation device. Trouble ensues as he inadvertently melds his atomic structure with that of a common housefly. As Delambre begins a terror-filled transformation, his family races to figure out a way to reverse the accident before it’s too late.
  • Catch the buzz and celebrate a creepy, crawly, sci-fi classic with this pulpy pin! This D23 Gold Member exclusive is a buggin’ way to celebrate over six decades of The Fly. It features Dr. André Delambre in his fly form—and is sure to catch you in a web of fun and freaky frenzy!

Luke Manning
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