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Pin-Tastic Tuesdays – shopDisney

With so many characters, parks, anniversaries and franchises, now is the best time to start or grow your Disney Pin collection! shopDisney is bringing the latest collectible pins, D23 exclusives, limited edition offerings and more to fans every Tuesday at 8am PT.

Pin-Tastic Tuesdays drops will remain a mystery until release, so fans will have to stay tuned to see what’s in store! We’re going to highlight the latest collections right here so you can keep track of what’s new and what you might have missed. Have fun collecting!

December 2023

December 19th

Pin-tastic Tuesdays 2023 is winding down, and what better way to celebrate a finale than with Marvel heroes?! The strongest women in the universe take the stage this week with pins spotlighting Captain Carter, Scarlet Witch, Okoye, and many more. Girl power indeed!

Mini Jumbo Pins and Blind Box Series

Profile Pins

December 12th

We’re almost done with Pin-tastic Tuesday 2023 and Disney’s treating D23 Gold Members to an exclusive Sword in the Stone pin, however since this is the film's 60th anniversary, there are few more options available to everyone! Bolt is also celebrating a milestone year (15) and there’s a fun pin commemorating that film too. Finally, with 2024 Lunar New Year and New Year’s Day on the horizon, some animal friends help to kick off the festivities.

D23 Exclusive; Anniversaries; New Year 2024

December 5th

Happy Tuesday Disney fans! D23 Gold Members can secure another exclusive for their collection with a pin celebrating Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny; meanwhile the whole world can toast to 2024 with pins from the “Brave New World” collection that launched yesterday. Fans who need their Christmas fix will love the latest holiday design and finally a new Food-D’s style is here featuring Marie.

D23 Exclusive, Christmas 2023, and Food D’s

2024 Brave New World Collection

November 2023

November 28th

Today is mostly about milestone anniversaries for two beloved animated films. One hails from Walt Disney Animation Studios, while the other is an early Pixar entry. We’re talking about the wildly successful Frozen and charming A Bug’s Life. Then for some holiday fun Jack Skellington stirs up some mischief on a Haunted Mansion Holiday pin that glows in the dark.

Frozen and A Bug’s Life Anniversaries; Haunted Mansion Holiday

November 21st

It’s another huge pin drop on shopDisney and today covers so many things! First up D23 Exclusives celebrate anniversaries for Bolt and Mickey Mouse; the fun continues with Mickey and Minnie too as they take the spotlight on designs celebrating their 95th anniversary; new dated pins include Walt Disney, Star Wars, and Hanukkah celebrations, and finally the 10th anniversary of Frozen gets some love, The Avengers rep Disney100 and a new Food-D’s pin is added to the mix because why not?!

D23 Exclusives; Mickey and Minnie Mouse 95th Anniversary

2023 Special Days and Holidays

Frozen, Disney100, Food-D’s

November 14th

shopDisney is back with more exciting designs for pin collectors to amass, and the assortment is especially good for D23 Gold Members. Several exclusives just dropped celebrating anniversaries for Oliver and Company, A Bug’s Life, Clone Wars while The Marvels get some love too. Thanksgiving Day is commemorated with a special Lilo and Stitch pin and the Flerkittens (The Marvels) take the spotlight in a blind box series.

D23 Exclusives

Thanksgiving Day and The Marvels

November 7th

Today shopDisney shines a spotlight on the upcoming movie Wish with four exciting designs; then they take a hard turn towards the winter holidays with the crew of The Nightmare Before Christmas visiting the Haunted Mansion. Keeping with the holiday theme, classic characters decorated seasonal pins, Mickey and Minnie celebrate Sundae Day, Robin Hood commemorates its 50th anniversary and Princess Vanellope reps National Princess Day. Phew!

Wish and Miscellaneous Disney

Nightmare Mansion!, Holiday Fun and D23 Exclusive

October 2023

October 31st

This week shopDisney is taking us back to the 1970s to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Robin Hood with two fun designs; then while in this era of Disney filmmaking, the adorable feline family from The Aristocats star on their own group pin. We’re always ready for snack time and Disney Munchlings mystery pins might not actually satisfy your sweet tooth, but they’ll bring a smile to your face.

Robin Hood 50th Anniversary, The Aristocats and Disney Munchlings

October 24th

Happy Tuesday collectors! Today shopDisney is focusing on Halloween movie anniversaries with D23 exclusive designs for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Halloweentown. Then, dive into all things Christmas with pins featuring Mickey and Friends, Stitch, and Simba! Finally Brother Bear celebrates its 20th anniversary and Wart from Sword in the Stone stars on a new Food-D’s design.

D23 Exclusives

Christmas Fun and Miscellaneous Disney

October 17th

Ho Ho Holidays, pin collectors! Mickey and Friends are getting ready for winter celebrations with festive outfits, a blind box wreath collection, and a fun countdown pin too. Then Donald Duck joins the party in a special Philharmagic design with spinning elements in honor of the attraction’s 20th anniversary; and wrapping things up is a Pixar set for the Disney100 Decades 2000s collection.

Holiday Mickey and Friends (plus Hulk)

Philharmagic 20th Anniversary and Disney Decades Collection 2000s

October 10th

Happy Tuesday collectors! Today is all about the Disney Villains and this vile crew consisting of Yzma, Maleficent, Dr. Facillier and others star on the Mechanical Mischief collection with standalone and blind box pins. Disney100 gives us three jumbo number pins commemorating the “100″ Years of Wonder. Celebrate the holidays with Mickey and Minnie in Hawai’i or with Vader and his twins; and scoop up so interesting Star Wars character pins featuring Yoda and others.

Disney Villains and Disney100

Holiday and Star Wars Fun

October 3rd

It’s another fun Tuesday for pin collectors as shopDisney introduces Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin design for D23 members and some Halloween fun with the Headless Horseman. Guests can also celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, or dive into the world of Star Wars with an assortment of character pins featuring Jawas, Droids and the Skywalker twins.

D23 Exclusive and Disney Fun

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Star Wars

September 2023

September 26th

Happy Tuesday pin fanatics! Today’s lineup covers movies, Disney parks, Disney villains and Halloween too! Commemorate the 2023 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival with two awesome designs or embrace the best of Halloween with Goofy, Max and some favorite villains. Avatar fans can imagine calling Pandora their home with the blind box series full of interesting creatures; and finally those who love Disney movies can add to their collection with Encanto, Turning Red and Freaky Friday pins.

2023 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival and Halloween

Avatar and Disney Movies

September 19th

shopDisney kicks things off with a D23 Exclusive inspired by Loki and his time at the TVA, while the Decades Collection gets a super cool design focusing on Disney Afternoon. Moving on from television we head to the Hundred Acre Wood for Halloween mischief with Pooh and Pals. Donald Duck enjoys a hearty breakfast for the Food D’s collection, and Fantasia’s supporting cast gets some love on their own pin.

D23, Disney100, and Miscellaneous Fun

September 12th

This week shopDisney is heading to the galaxy far, far away to hang out with the notorious, mysterious, and dangerous cabal of Bounty Hunters. The assortment contains individual pins of the Bounty Hunters as well as a mini jumbo pin featuring the six hired by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon.

September 5th

It’s a great week for pin collectors as shopDisney has a dozen designs inspired by Marvel Comics that have been updated with Disney characters. As the season changes it’s time to celebrate Fall, Halloween and even Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 15-17) and shopDisney has pins for each event. Last but not least, represent your favorite Star Wars Bounty Hunter with the blind box mystery series featuring 10 of the galaxy’s most infamous characters.

Disney100 Marvel

D23 Exclusive, Seasonal Celebrations, and Star Wars

August 2023

August 29, 2023

Happy Tuesday collectors! Today shopDisney is serving up a special Art of Encanto pin for Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct.15) featuring the lovely Mirabel Madrigal! Marvel fans can share their love of supers with three pins that are on the playful side; while Star Wars has a design of Ahsoka which launched in conjunction with the live-action series on Disney+.

Encanto, Marvel and Ahsoka

August 22, 2023

Tis the season…for Halloween fun! Mickey Mouse and pals bring on the not-so-scary styles across three new pins, while the Star Wars logo tries on a jack-o-lantern for size. Marvel drops two (!) Pin of the Month designs featuring Loki and Black Widow; the Food-D’s series gives us snobby pug Percy; and the Disney100 Decades collection goes retro with Roger Rabbit and the 1980s!

Happy Halloween and Disney100 Decades Collection 1980s

Marvel “Pin of the Month” and Food-D’s

August 15, 2023

Happy Tuesday collectors! shopDisney’s current drop is rather modest, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man have joined the lineup as well as several classic Muppet characters. The practically perfect Mary Poppins is here too and she’s joined by some animal friends on a “Jolly Holiday.”

Spider-Man, The Muppets and Mary Poppins

August 8th

It’s another great week for pin collectors at shopDisney! Today's collectibles include the 30th anniversary of cult classic Hocus Pocus, a fantastic countdown pin starring the Horned King, and a couple of Halloween styles you’ll want among your other Disney treasures.

Hocus Pocus 30th Anniversary and Halloween

August 1st

We are back with more Disney pin fun! Today, introduces a D23 Gold Members exclusive celebrating 20 years of Freaky Friday, a must-have assortment of The Nightmare Before Christmas designs, Eric Tan’s TomorrowLanders, and a Haunted Mansion live-action collectible!

D23 Exclusive

Nightmare Before Christmas


“Pin of the Month” — Iron Man

Iron Man Pin – Pin of the Month – Limited Edition

July 2023

Happy Tuesday! D23 Gold Members can bring home two exclusive anniversary pins for The Parent Trap and Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Star Wars devotees can summon six galactic styles to their pin boards; and everyone can get the jump on Halloween with the first 2023 merchandise in pin form!

July 25th

Halloween and D23 Exclusives

Star Wars

July 18th

Welcome back to Pin-Tastic Tuesday! Today, shopDisney is exploring the 1970s with the latest Decades Collection pins themed to Pete’s Dragon. Aside from the D100 design there are two Haunted Mansion pins (attraction, not the movie) and a blind box series featuring the residents of the spooky abode.

Disney100 and Haunted Mansion

July 11th

It’s another Pin-Tastic Tuesday! Once again, D23 members can discover exclusive styles just for them, while everyone is invited to celebrate the awesome heroes from Marvel comics. Then just to mix things up a bit, Winnie the Pooh is featured on the latest style in the Food-D’s series. Can you guess what treat he’s about to enjoy?

D23 Exclusive, Marvel Heroes and Winnie the Pooh

July 5th

Happy Pin-Tastic Tuesday! Disney pin collectors will love the newest designs to arrive on shopDisney including selections from the Disney100 Special Moments series as well as a Disney Visa Cardmember exclusive with the Cheshire Cat!

Disney100 Special Moments and Disney Visa Cardmembers

June 2023

June 27th

Welcome back to Pin-Tastic Tuesday! Today, shopDisney has two D23 Exclusives inspired by Indiana Jones and WALL•E, Spider-Man pins for Marvel fans, a commemorative design for Friendship Day 2023, and a jumbo limited edition pin featuring Stitch!

D23 Exclusives, Spider-Man, Stitch Day and Friendship Day

June 20th

We’ve made it to another Pin-Tastic Tuesday! The newest additions are themed big Disney anniversaries for the Tiki Room (D23 Exclusive), Finding Nemo, and WALL•E and will look great in your collection. Then for those fans who’ve been enjoying the Disney100 Decades series, the 1960s has arrived bringing along the Wonderful World of Color.

D23 Exclusive, Pixar Anniversaries, Disney Decades 1960s

June 13th

Happy Tuesday! Treat yourself to new Disney pins from shopDisney such as D23 Member exclusives celebrating Disney Channel, Mulan and Elemental. There are also designs for fans of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Pixar’s Monsters franchise and a summery style inspired by Luca!

D23 Exclusives, Captains America, and Pixar Pins

June 6th

It’s another Pin-tastic Tuesday and today’s assortment brings us Figment and Mickey Mouse D23 exclusives; a Fantastic Four series; Whimsical Waffles blind box pins and Maid Marian’s love of pies; as well as live-action adventures for The Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones.

D23 Exclusives, Disney Food, and Live-Action Adventures

Fantastic Four

May 2023

May 30th

Happy Tuesday! Today is all about Disney anniversaries and celebrations like Father’s Day. The new pin assortment includes D23 Exclusives for Finding Nemo and Journey Into Imagination; Mulan’s 25th anniversary designs (have your sword at the ready!); 80 years of Chip ‘n Dale; and Raya and her father, Chief Benja.

D23 Exclusives and Father’s Day

Disney Anniversaries

May 23rd

Join the pin collection fun with four D23 exclusives celebrating Star Wars, The Little Mermaid and more! For Marvel fans there are new designs featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy and web slinger Miles Morales. Finally the Genie and the magic lamp are part of a new blind box series inspired by Aladdin; and Mickey’s pal Pluto shows off his canine instincts.

D23 Exclusives

Marvel Heroes and Disney Fun

May 16th

Today, shopDisney is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Willow, Disney100 and Pride Month all at the same time! D23 Gold members can pick up a new exclusive, and everyone is welcome to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community with colorful pins featuring Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Muppets brands.

D23 Exclusive, Disney100 and Pride 2023

May 9th

Star Wars Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating! Four pin styles themed to the galaxy far, far away make their debut along with designs featuring Disney and Pixar characters. Finally Marvel wraps things up with a villain spectacular that spans nine pins.

Star Wars and Disney Characters

Marvel Villains

May 2nd

On this fine Tuesday we have a D23 Exclusive, a National Geographic logo pin and an assortment of Disney designs featuring a film’s supporting cast, National Pizza Party Day and a fantastic food feast.

D23 Exclusive, National Geographic, and More

April 2023

April 25th

This week we get another D23 Exclusive, more Disney villains, Ursula from the live-action The Little Mermaid and some miscellaneous looks that you’ll want in your pin collection.

D23 Exclusive and Miscellaneous Fun

Disney Villains

April 18th

shopDisney is back with more of our favorite baddies; a new D23 exclusive style for Disney Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary; a blind box series; some character designs and even a Mother’s Day pin featuring Elastagirl and Jack-Jack!

D23 Exclusive and Disney Villains

Mother’s Day, Dragons and More

April 11th

Today shopDisney celebrates a new Parks collection featuring artwork by Joey Chou; fun foodie pins inspired by A Goofy Movie and the Disney Munchlings micro plush and four fantastic Disney villains that we love even though they’re bad.

Disney Parks and Disney Foods

Disney Villains


April 4th

It’s a new month and that means new pin styles! Disney celebrates several National “Days'' including Teachers, Graduation, Nurses, and Earth Day festivities. Disney100 gives us a fantastic lanyard as well as a mystery set from the Unified Characters collection; and things wrap up with The Lion King and National Geographic designs.

2023 “Day” Celebrations and Disney100

Mystery Pins, The Lion King and National Geographic

March 2023

March 27th

Today is all about embracing the wacky with a series of pins inspired by awkward moments. Fans can join Olaf in retelling princess stories (and The Lion King); Stitch crashing a beloved film; and fun flip frames from four animated classics. There are also three Disney100 designs and the Marvel Pin of the Month featuring Captain Marvel.

“Pin of the Month” — Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Pin of the Month – Limited Edition

March 21st

The fun continues with designs celebrating Disney100 as well as World Wildlife Day and St. Patrick’s Day! For Star Wars collectors the latest two action figure pins are here featuring Boba Fett and Grand Moff Tarkin.

Disney100 and 2023 Celebrations

March 14th

This week, shopDisney brings more Disney100 styles with heroes Captain Marvel, Spider-Man alongside the master of all things cold, Queen Elsa!

March 7th

March kicks off with a celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History Month in general. Three D23 Exclusives present popular ladies from Pixar films; Disney Princesses come together on a fun design; Star Wars gives us Women of the Galaxy and things wrap up with Springtime celebrations and a few other surprises.

D23 Exclusives and Celebrating Women

Springtime Celebrations and Fandoms

February 2023

February 28th

We wrap up the month with a trio of pins inspired by The Little Mermaid, who’s made quite the splash on shopDisney over the last few days!

Ariel and Prince Eric Statue Pin – The Little Mermaid

Ursula and Flotsam with Jetsam Pin Set – The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Mystery Pin Blind Pack – 2-Pc.

  • Each box contains two randomly selected pins from eight overall designs
  • Series includes: Ariel paired with King Triton, Flounder, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina

February 21st

Today we get two fun designs, one from the Marvel universe and the other from Star Wars. Marvel highlights the artwork of Mateus Manhanini and his take on Miles Morales, while Star Wars gives us a “Cast” pin with cartoon images of the gang from Jabba’s palace!

February 14th

It’s a new week of exciting releases at shopDisney including a special Planet of the Apes 55th anniversary pin available exclusively to D23 Gold Members. Disney100 collectors will love the new designs starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Star Wars fans can browse a frosty series of pins themed to The Empire Strikes Back.

D23 Exclusives

D23-Exclusive Planet of the Apes 55th Anniversary Commemorative Pin – Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition of 550
  • Exclusive to D23 Gold Members

Disney100 and Star Wars

February 7th

shopDisney is kicking off the month with a treat for D23 Gold Members as two exclusive designs are available to them. More Disney100 character pins have arrived; Black Panther gets the Pin of the Month; Pixar films, The Rescuers Down Under and the Pancake/Milkshake Bunny feature on their own pins and Saludos Amigos celebrates its 80th anniversary! Finally, more Star Wars action figure pins and The Mandalorian styles will be a big hit with fans.

D23 Exclusives

D23-Exclusive Tiana Pin – The Princess and the Frog – Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition of 1,000
  • Exclusive to D23 Gold Members

D23-Exclusive Peter Pan 70th Anniversary Commemorative Pin – Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition of 1,500
  • Exclusive to D23 Gold Members


Pixar and Just For Fun

“Pin of the Month” — Black Panther

Black Panther Pin of the Month – Limited Edition

January 2023

January 31st

shopDisney closes out January with more delightful selections honoring Disney100. Also along for the ride are classic versions of Mickey Mouse with his buddies Minnie and Donald; Marvel designs for Black Panther and Loki; and seasonal Star Wars pins even a scoundrel would love.

Disney100, Mickey and Friends

Marvel and Star Wars

January 24th

A new week delivers a large selection of pins including a Disney100 design with Mickey and Minnie; Titanic 25th Anniversary pins; two mystery sets and a variety of limited release Star Wars memes and character pins. Finally, we have two classic character pins featuring Pinocchio and Winnie the Pooh.

Disney100 and Titanic 25th Anniversary

Mystery Pins, Classic Characters, and a Pin Board

Star Wars

January 17th

A new week means new pins and shopDisney is featuring FiGPiN character designs for Disney100, celebrating the end of WDW50 with new and classic looks and helping new collectors get started with a pin set. And there are a few miscellaneous pins just for fun.

Disney100, Walt Disney World and WDW 50

Winnie the Pooh and Classic Characters

Just For Fun

January 10th

Today we’re celebrating Disney100 with a wonderful series of individual character pins with a platinum base and brilliant pop of color. Disney also released a WDW 50 Spinner, an Encanto pin set and classic Mickey and Pals mystery set.


Characters and Pin Sets

January 3rd

Today fans were treated to two Limited Edition pins, two styles inspired by Avatar, two Mystery Pin series and some fun Holiday and Anniversary designs.

Limited Edition Pins and Mystery Pins

Holidays, Anniversaries, Avatar and Disney Parks

BB-8 Valentine's Day Pin – Star Wars – Limited Release

“Pin of the Month” — Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America Pin – Pin of the Month – Limited Edition

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