Hulu’s British Binge-Cation comes to an end today with the release of the popular comedy series Brassic. You can stream the entire first season on Hulu with more presumably on the way as the second season has already aired in jolly ol’ England and a third has been ordered. The title comes from a slang term for someone who has no money, as in they have “Nothing but the brass coins.” You know, “Brassic.”

Welcome to Hawley, a small farming town in Lancashire where Vinnie (Joseph Gilgun, Preacher) gets into some hilarious situations with his mates. The series premiere finds them trying to steal a Shetland Pony for the xenophobic farmer who lets them grow marijuana on his farm. But the core of the series is Vinnie’s friendship with Dylan, his best mate since he was a kid who he’s inseparable with, which causes conflict with Dylan’s girlfriend.

Brassic is a rare hour-long comedy series with some jaw-dropping laugh-out-loud moments. It’s fresh and original, exposing a US audience to a side of british television that is far from the stereotypical import. Put the tea and crumpets away and bring out the Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps. It’s time to get brassic (Did I use that correctly?).

All six episodes of Brassic are now streaming in the US on Hulu.

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