What’s on telly today? The US premiere of Ladhood, a BBC comedy series based on the life of BAFTA-nominated comedian Liam Williams, is today’s debut series as part of Hulu’s British Binge-Cation. The series is based on Williams’ own adolescence and was inspired by his radio show of the same name.

Liam’s modern conflicts are the catalyst for his journey through the past, reliving his youth like Ebeneeze Scrooge but without the Ghost of Christmas Past as his guide. He’s present in all scenes, watching and commenting to you, the viewer, as he comically recalls his past regrets and teenage rights of passage. Liam Williams’ teenage years were in the early 2000’s, so there’s also a fun nostalgic component to the series with pop culture references like the PS2 and Eminem music.

The series plays somewhat like an R-rated British version of A Christmas Story if the family dynamic wasn’t a key component and if adult Ralphie wasn’t just a narrator, but a bystander on all of the events that played out. The series has already been picked up for a second season in the UK where this half-hour comedy series has been a critical and commercial success.

All six episodes of Ladhood are now streaming in the US on Hulu.

Check back every day this week to see what the next stop in Hulu’s British Binge-Cation will be.

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