It’s a smashing week on Hulu with the British Binge-Cation. Every day this week, a TV series from across the pond will make its US premiere and we start with a brand-new cooking show from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver with Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On.

There are a whopping twenty episodes streaming now where the relatable hands-on chef teaches viewers how to make something amazing out of whatever they have on hand. Produced in the wake of the worldwide pandemic, viewers will really appreciate how he discusses what you can substitute if need be. For example, one of the recipes is how to make a cake without eggs.

From mouth-watering stuffed bread creations to risotto with whatever you have in your fridge, anyone will find inspiration to keep their home cooked meals fresh and exciting. You’ll feel like a world class chef like Jamie Oliver when you start to apply his suggestions to your own creative dishes.

All twenty episodes of Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On are streaming

Check back each day this week to see what the next stop in Hulu’s British Binge-Cation will be.