Analysis: Shot-by-Shot with the New “The Mandalorian” Special Look from Monday Night Football

As Star Wars fans patiently wait until a week from this Friday to see the second season premiere of The Mandalorian, we were treated to a “Special Look” at the upcoming season during ESPN’s Monday Night Football NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals.

Watch the full one-minute clip in the video below, and then continue to scroll down for a shot-by-shot breakdown of all the new footage we received in this The Mandalorian Special Look.

Watch Special Look | The Mandalorian | Disney+:

For the purposes of this breakdown, I’ll be focusing on the shots revealed here that were not included in the first trailer for The Mandalorian season two back in mid-September.

Razor Crest, stand down.” We had seen that shot of the two X-Wing starfighters either pursuing or escorting the Razor Crest through the clouds before, but we hadn’t heard the X-Wing pilot’s orders to Din Djarin’s (Pedro Pascal) ship.

In a POV shot from the ship’s cockpit, the Razor Crest careens through the canyons of the ice planet seen in the previous trailer.

Now a wider shot from the exterior of the ship evidently crashing in the ice canyon.

The Razor Crest skids along a frozen lake, its engines igniting in an apparent effort to keep the ship upright.

A shot of Mando’s boots walking on what I assume is the planet Nevarro.

Mando approaches Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) while holding The Child on Nevarro. In the hold of the Razor Crest, we see someone frozen in Carbonite. The line of dialogue playing here in the trailer is “I’m here on business. I need your help. I’ve been quested to bring this one back to his kind,” but I don’t think Mando is actually saying this to these two characters in the show, as they knew that bit of information already.

Greef Karga looks down at The Child.

Karga and Djarin grasp each other’s wrists in camaraderie.

Mando holds the stare, perhaps unsure if he should trust this man who has betrayed him before.

We see a bantha skeleton half-buried in the sand as the camera soars over craggy Tatooine terrain and Mando zips by on a speeder bike.

Mando looks up at what I assume is his broken ship on the ice planet. “If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can guide me,” he says in voice-over.

The Razor Crest is in bad shape after having come to rest in a cave on the ice planet.

Mando is working to weld his ship back together.

This is a different angle of a shot we saw in the previous trailer, of the Abyssin’s goons all pointing their blaster’s at Mando’s head.

This time, however, we get to see the Whistling Birds fly, taking out the goons.

An Imperial transport vessel leaps off the same platform we saw the speeder bike-riding Scout Troopers propel off of in the previous trailer.

One of the Scout Troopers attempts to get alongside the speeding transport in the canyon below.

This is an interesting shot, as it reveals another Mythrol character (the same species played by Horatio Sanz in The Mandalorian’s very first episode, though it seems too skinny to be the same exact character) riding with Cara Dune and Greef Karga in the transport.

The transport crushes one of the speeder bike-mounted Scout Troopers against the canyon wall.

Cara Dune lets out a “Woo!”

This looks like more of Mando talking to Greef Karga on Nevarra.

Cara Dune leans against a nondescript wall and looks at Mando.

The Child raises his ears in surprise or awe as he peers around a corner.

Doors slide open in what looks like an Imperial base to reveal Dune, Djarin, and Karga, all ready for action with their blasters drawn.

Greef Karga operates a gun turret, possibly in the Razor Crest.

The trio makes their way through the base in a continuation of that other shot.

TIE Fighters roar over a canyon, likely where the transport / speeder bike chase is happening below. This is presumably also Nevarro.

“Here we go!” Mando runs toward the canyon’s edge. The remaining shots of him igniting his jetpack and flying over the camera were used in the previous trailer.

The Mandalorian season two premieres Friday, October 30 exclusively on Disney+.

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