“The Mandalorian” Razor Crest is Next HasLab Crowd-Funded Star Wars Vintage Collection Vehicle Project

UPDATE 10/26/2020:

During this morning’s inaugural Mando Monday merchandise reveal event, Hasbro unveiled its HasLab Razor Crest as it will look in its final painted form, with all the amazing details and weathering one would expect from this high-quality a Star Wars product.

We also received a first look at the painted versions of the 3 ¾-inch scale Din Djarin (in Beskar armor) and The Child action figures that will be included with the vehicle when it ships to backers next year.

UPDATE 10/13/2020:

Now that the campaign has surpassed 10,000 backers (it’s actually close to rounding out 11,000), HasLab has added a third stretch goal, which would add four Carbonite blocks to the Razor Crest, as seen in the first episode of The Mansalorian’s premiere season. All that needs to happen for these to be included is for roughly 2,000 more backers (for a total of 13,000) to support the project before November 9.

UPDATE 9/29/2020:

Since we shared this news on Friday, HasLab’s Razor Crest campaign has surpassed its initial goal of 6,000 backers. Not only that, but it also met its first stretch goal of 8,000 backers, which means a detachable escape pod will now be included with every copy of the ship when it gets sent out to consumers next year.

Now the campaign is setting its sights on a whopping 10,000 backers, which would mean the inclusion of an exclusive (and adorable) The Child Vintage Collection packaged on a card with its floating pram from The Mandalorian.


Anyone who dropped a big chunk of change a couple years ago to help fund the amazing (and amazingly large) Star Wars The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge The Khetanna from toy company Hasbro’s experimental sub-division HasLab has been waiting for an answer to one question: what’s next?

And today, during the first day of the inaugural Hasbro PulseCon virtual convention, we got our answer: now HasLab is tackling the already unforgettable ship the Razor Crest from the hit Disney+ live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. And all they need is for 6,000 backers to pledge $350 each before November 9 to make this jaw-droppingly detailed collector’s dream a reality.

What’s happening:

  • Hasbro’s HasLab sub-division has announced its highly-detailed Razor Crest vehicle from The Mandalorian, which will only go into production if the company receives 6,000 pledges of $350 each before November 9.
  • This project is designed to adhere to the 3 ¾-inch Vintage Collection action figures, and will include a figure of the Mandalorian (AKA Din Djarin) in his Beskar armor with a cloth cape.
  • Other features include an opening cockpit, detachable engines, removable hull panels, a carbon-freezing chamber, cargo hold with netting, opening doors and lowering ramps, removable landing gear, and a bunk area with enough space to hide a figure.
  • All of the weapons in the Razor Crest’s armory are also removable and usable with figures.
  • If pledges for this project should reach the stretch goals of 8,000 and 10,000, two unlocks will be added to the vehicle upon release.

What they’re saying:

  • HasLab: “After the success of the Barge, the team spent some time thinking about the best product to follow up. We thought about dipping back into the Original Trilogy or maybe making something from the latest movie entertainment. But time and again we came back to something that was right there, on our TV, tablet, and laptop screens. Star Wars: The Mandalorian introduced a ship that quickly became an iconic part of The Mandalorian lore. It already has more Star Wars screen time than any ship besides the Millennium Falcon and was the centerpiece of some of the most memorable scenes in the series.”

To pledge $350 toward the creation of HasLab’s incredible Razor Crest vehicle from The Mandalorian, be sure to visit the official Hasbro Pulse website. And European customers who would like to get their hands on this stunning Star Wars vehicle can pledge at HasLab’s Zavvi campaign page.