TV Recap: “Motherland: Fort Salem” Episode 10 “Revolution Part 1”

We’re back for the finale recap of Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem season two (hang on tight, it’s a doozy)! The Army fights back as the Camarilla attacks. The trio finds themself in greater trouble then they could have ever imagined, and General Bellwether makes a very personal decision.



Please note this recap contains spoilers for season 2, episode 10 “Revolution Part 1” 

The Camarilla have launched another major attack on the Army, fatally infecting one cadet with the Witch Plague. As danger spreads across the base, the trio, Gregorio, Adil and M lay the witch to rest. M orders everyone to get to the Operations Building where she’s hoping that Petra is mounting a defence. But before they get very far lights flash in the dorm windows and Adil comments that the victims inside are losing control of their vocal cords. Raelle says they need to head back the way they came when suddenly a massive swarm of the Plague crawls out of one of the windows. The Camarilla leader (who tortured Raelle) emerges accompanied by masked assistants. He smiles at the group and retreats back into the Plague.  

In the Operations Center Anacostia tells a group the Camarilla have infiltrated Cerce, the Royal Chambers and the Infirmary. General Petra Bellwether requests that Nicte be brought to her, then asks Anacostia and Izadora for a report. The Camarilla are currently attacking isolated areas, but the Plague is spreading. Petra gives the order for people to move out in small groups and stick to the shadows. “Let’s take back our base.” Alder enters the room and asks how she and the Biddies can help. Petra assigns her to Anacostia’s unit and sends them to Officers housing to round up as many people as they can. Petra thanks Alder who verbally acknowledges Petra as General.

Nicte is presented before Petra who’s decided it’s best for the Spree leader to come with her. Nicte seems to be surprised by this, but before anything can happen, a witch comes into the room grabbing her throat. Behind her are two Camarilla and they attack. Petra grabs her scourge and turns to Nicte saying they’ll fight together Army and Spree. Nicte picks up a dead witch’s scourge and gets into position next to Petra. “This isn’t a reprieve,” Petra states.

Outside M leads the group and lays out plans for their next move. Raelle sees that Tally is concentrating and asks what she’s picked up. Tally says she can see the frequency they’re operating on and wants to try something. She sings a series of tones and effectively takes out one of the Camarilla. The others join her in singing the tones and they defeat the remaining Camarilla. M orders the group to split up. She and Gregorio will spread the word telling everyone what they’ve discovered while the trio continues to Operations. Before he leaves, Adil kisses Abigail and they share a moment then she tells him to find Kahlida.



At Officers housing the situation is grim as Alder and Anacostia find everyone attacked in their beds. They set off to tell Petra what’s happened but not before a group of Camarilla stops them. Anacostia asks how to handle it and Alder says they’ll fight till their last breath. They successfully take out two Camarilla but the third hits one of the Biddies with a dart. Alder grabs at her own neck as the Biddy cries out. The Plague claims her and spreads to the rest of the connected group. One of the others nods at Alder and says go, before succumbing to the Plage. Anacostia gets Alder out of the room and uses a spell to seal the door. A rapidly transforming Alder crawls on her stomach, it won’t be long before she’s gone. Anacostia leans over her and starts to cry. “Tell me what to do,” she begs. Alder reaches up with an almost wooden hand and touches her face then closes her eyes. Anacostia falls atop of her sobbing.

In Operations, Petra and Nicte have gotten nowhere with the Camarilla and Petra asks what they’re waiting for. “They’re waiting for me,” answers the leader who’s accompanied by several Camarilla. He says his name is Alban Herst. He thanks Nicte for her work in turning public opinion against witches and says this allowed for their return. Then he turns to Petra saying he’ll be paying a visit to Abigail and Adil. He tells her the “union of earth and sky must be prevented at all costs.” She asks what this means, but he doesn’t answer and walks out. As he goes, an incoming message in Farspeech comes through and Petra releases Nicte from her collar. Petra sings out the tones and Nicte uses her own work to disable their would-be attackers. Petra asks if they’re going to have a problem, and Nicte says her fight is no longer with the Army.

The Camarilla find Kahlida in her room and comment how they know her people don’t like to fight back. Suddenly Adil appears and sings out the new tones. He catches them off guard, but they knock him down. One Camarilla stabs Adil’s back. Kahlida sees his blood on the knife and sings a different tone turning the attacker into a pile of glowing hot coals.

Still on the move, the trio head for higher ground outside one of the buildings. Tally can see that the Camarilla are all connected to one central source. She can’t pinpoint it yet, but can tell it’s on the move and heading their way. A fellow cadet runs out to where they are and she’s covered in the Plague. Raelle hits her with the Witch Bomb and the Mycelium fights off the Plague. Abigail asks if she can use the Witch Bomb on the source. Suddenly the Plague comes back and the cadet runs and jumps down to the ground and presumably to her death.

In the Cession, Quinn is meeting with a group of Dodgers and shows off some of her work calling down hail the size of baseballs. Everyone is impressed and Scylla asks if Quinn will teach her, Quinn says when you teach me Morrigan’s Whisper. Edwind joins the group and says the news is reporting an attack at Fort Salem. Scylla tells him Raelle will be alright, but he says he used to say the same about Willa. Scylla reaches out and gives him a hug.

As the trio locates the source they realize it’s Penelope and she’s completely unaware of what’s going on. She’s covered in the Plague with many long tentacles reaching out behind her. Unbeknownst to the trio, a media group that had come to base to speak to Penelope about testing is still filming her. Raelle tries to hit her with the Witch Bomb but the Plague is too strong. Abigail asks if she can try again and contain it, because she might be able to help destroy the Plague. Raelle says yes, and Abigail turns to Tally for her approval. Tally tearfully nods. The infected Penelope puts up a fight, but she’s no match for Abigail who uses tornadoes to lift Penelope in the air. Raelle controls the Witch Bomb and together they destroy the source…and Penelope along with it. Tally lets out a sob.

The next morning Gregorio approaches the trio and seems especially concerned for Tally. She says she’s not ok but she will be. Adil survived the attack and he and Kahlida reunite with the group. Raelle calls home and tells Edwin she’s ok. He hands the phone to Scylla. Raelle tells her she thinks this is just the beginning. She also tells her the worst part was worrying she wouldn’t see Scylla again. “I love you Scylla.” Scylla returns the sentiment.



Alder is not yet dead. Izadora can’t understand and Major Verger says she’s too stubborn to die. Alder manages to ask for Raelle and her unit and that she be taken to the Mother. Anacostia is having a hard time seeing Alder in this state. She says she doesn’t know how to do this without her, but Alder assures her she does. Anacostia kisses her forehead as the trio comes to say goodby. Abigail thanks her for showing her how to be a leader. Raelle says Alder pushed her to look inside herself and face her darkness. This led to her learning how to use the witch bomb and for that she’s grateful. Tally says Alder told her to chase the truth no matter where it leads. She also admits that while she doesn’t understand every decision Alder made, she knows that was a burden she had to carry. Tally tells her she can set it down, they’ll carry it for her. Raelle sings to the Mother and they offer Alder’s body to the Mycelium. As it takes her, they say farewell in Monthertongue.

Petra meets with the remaining leaders and asks how the Plague got on base and past their security. Izadora suggests those failsafes might have been connected to Alder. Just then Vice President Silver shows up tearful at the loss of his daughter. Petra apologies and says the media team has everything on tape. Petra tells him they’re investigating, but he insists its a criminal matter and he has an arrest for Abigail and her unit for murder.

The trio has gathered with a group of fellow cadets and M addresses them bluntly stating they took the life of an innocent, but in so doing saved the lives of thousands. She says they had to make a tough call and one that will haunt them, but it was indeed the right decision. As she finishes her speech, Vice President Silver comes in the room and a Military officer calls the trio by name saying their remanded into custody for Penelope’s murder.

Anacostia checks over sign in records and speaks to Silver’s personal security guard, Sterling. He had signed off on the media crew who was coming to interview Penelope. But the log also shows two other crews entered at other points on base all approved with Sterling’s signature. He says those weren’t his. Anacostia says she believes him.

The trio have been placed in collars and are being held in a cell with Nicte. The girls can’t understand why this happened and why Petra can’t make it go away. Tally says they’ll just have to explain what happened, but Nicte thinks they won’t get that far. Tensions outside are high and they’ll be made an example of. She says she’ll die a martyr’s death, but she’s not so sure about them.

Petra goes to visit President Wade and plead on behalf of the trio. She says they saved lives and asks to conduct her own investigation, but the president shows her footage of Penelope’s death and says it’s pretty clear it was Abigail. As she speaks, thunder can be heard in the distance. Wade says the Not our Daughters movement keeps growing and Penelope’s death will be a symbol that will take hold. People need to see that witches are held accountable for their actions. She says people are demanding justice. She asks Petra what she’d have her do. The women face each other and Petra doesn’t speak. Wade robotically says she’ll see that the girls are treated fairly. As she leaves the White House, Petra calls to Anacostia through Farspeech and tells her to “move.” Anacostia calls Edwin and asks to speak to Scylla.

Kahlida asks Adil if Abigail is ok and he teases her asking if his sister is starting to like her. She laughs. He thanks her for saving his life and she tells him that as the Camarilla were about to kill him, something inside of her broke and it won’t go back together. He tells her it’s ok for her to defend herself. She tells him she wants to stay and fight. Anacostia interrupts and says Abigail is in danger.

The trio and Nicte are cuffed and are being transported via bus to Washington. Adil and Kahlida are positioned on the side of the road and sing a seed that causes the earth to crumble. The bus swerves to avoid the growing crack. A chorus of birds scratches overhead. The mark Scylla left on Raelle’s hand appears and she yells to the group to duck. the windows shatter and then the guard and driver come back and unlock the girls’ restraints. The girls get off the bus and reunite with Scylla, Quinn, Adil and Kahlida. Raelle tells Scylla she doesn’t want to be away from her anymore and Scylla says she doesn’t want to be away from her ever. They kiss until Quinn tells them they might want to keep it short, a storm is coming.

A mild funnel cloud surrounds the group as two figures drop down from a helicopter: Anacostia and Petra in their combat outfits. Anacostia tells Scylla they’re going to have to disappear. Scylla says they’ll hide out in the Cession. Tally says Nicte has to come with them. Petra says no, but they argue they can’t turn her over to the government. Nicte holds her lighter to the front of the bus transforming it from prisoner transfer to a retirement community vehicle. Anacostia suggests that people can change and maybe she’ll be able to take care of them. They say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Nicte thanks Tally for saving her more than once. She tells Tally this is what she wanted right? Revolution?

Up in the air, Vice President Silver reviews the tape of Penelope getting ready to go on camera. A man wearing a baseball cap pricks her shoulder as he attaches her mic. As he walks away he looks up at the camera and reveals himself as Alban Herst. A voice speaks as someone enters the VP’s airplane office and says “I think I did a pretty convincing job.” It’s Herst. The President says it’s not everyday you kill your daughter. Herst tells him the sacrifice was not in vain. “The dawn will be glorious on the Earth,” Silver says. Herst tells him he’ll be hailed as a hero and President Wade will pay the price for colluding with the enemy. “How does that sound, Mr. President?”

At Fort Salem, deep under the earth, the Mycelium is pulsing and at its heart is the full body of Alder. She’s starting to look youthful again as if the Mycelium can restore her. The Mother of all opens her eyes.

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