Video: Dream…and Shine Brighter! Stage Show Debuts at Disneyland Paris

As Disneyland Paris counts down the days until its 30th anniversary (April 12, 2022), the resort is already celebrating the milestone with new offerings at Parc Disneyland and a special Minnie Mouse meet and greet at Walt Disney Studios Park. Just like you would expect there are decorations, merchandise, updated floats for Stars on Parade, colorful character (and Cast Member) costumes, and a magical D-Lights nighttime show. But perhaps best of all is the new daytime show Dream… and Shine Brighter! that you simply must experience.

We’ll get right to the good stuff, but for more about the show, and the best viewing spots, keep scrolling!

Dream… and Shine Brighter! Video

When it comes to in-park entertainment, Disneyland Paris consistently tops the other resorts with their catchy songs, spirited dancers and energetic performances from all involved. This is one 17 minute show you will not regret watching!


So much is happening throughout Dream…and Shine Brighter! So in addition to our video, we captured as much as we could in pictures. All of these photos were taken from the center of the Hub looking out toward the castle or down Main Street. Be on the lookout for these Disney characters:

  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy (Dingo)
  • Chip, Dale (Tic et Tac), Clarice
  • Miguel —it’s his Disneyland Paris debut!
  • Alice and The Mad Hatter
  • Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel (Rapoince)
  • Peter Pan
  • Woody and Jessie
  • Genie
  • Joy


Throughout the show guests will be dazzled by the performances set to medley of Disney songs and bookended by “Un Monde Qui S'illumine” and “Ready for A Ride.” There are 17 beloved Disney songs in the medley including some tunes that you don’t usually hear in the parks:

  • “Friend Like Me”
  • “Under the Sea”/“A Very Merry Unbirthday To You”/“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”
  • “Topsy Turvy”/”Be Our Guest”
  • “Proud Corazón”/”You’ll Be in My Heart”
  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”/”I’m Almost There”/”Remember Me”
  • “Try Everything”/”How Far I’ll Go”/”Go the Distance”
  • “I’ve Got a Dream”/”Out There”
  • “When You Wish Upon a Star”

Good to Know

Dream… and Shine Brighter! is Disney entertainment at its best. This 17 minute energetic show features two original songs written for the resort’s anniversary, “Un Monde Qui S'illumine” (the official song) and “Ready for A Ride.” Also for the most incredible experience guests should plan on getting as close to the Hub as possible as the entire area including all four stages are used for character and cast dancing.

The best way I can describe this show is “frenzied” but in a good way. Everywhere you look something is happening, and characters are constantly moving around. It’s completely crazy and so much fun! For guests who don’t want to watch the entire show, they can enjoy the parade portions at the beginning and end. The parade starts on Main Street, stops at the Hub for the show, then heads back down Main Street.

Thanks for joining us for Dream…and Shine Brighter! at Disneyland Paris. À bientôt!

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