Photos: Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Merchandise Collections

This April (the 12th to be exact), Disneyland Paris will celebrate its 30th anniversary and in true Disney fashion, they have to kick things off a little early. While the Anniversary fun starts on March 6th (tomorrow), Disneyland Paris has already rolled out new merchandise for guests to purchase showcasing the commemorative logo. Let’s take a look!

Guests visiting Disneyland Paris at least during the start of the celebration will notice that the Anniversary Collection items are limited to 5 of each item per transaction.

Crisp whites and bright blues set the background for these collections that are accented by brilliant pinks, purples, and iridescent elements. For fans of the popular Spirit Jersey look there are two designs that both include the logo on the front and the park name on the back (65,00€).


If you’d rather go the T-Shirt route, there are a few options for adults and several styles designed for kids (including toddlers and babies!). We love the colors and the large images of Mickey, Minnie and the gang.

Before we move on, how fun is this baby bib (9,00€)?! It features Tic et Tac (aka Chip and Dale) playing around the anniversary logo.

While we’re talking about kids clothes, these literal baby bomber jackets (sizes 6-24 months) are too cute! There’s a pink style for Minnie and a blue look for Mickey. Help baby celebrate the DLP milestone for *just* 30,00€.

If the older kids want in on the fun, there is one bomber jacket design available in a variety of child sizes, a Minnie inspired hoodie (off to the left of the picture), color bock backpacks that will catch the eye, a large Mickey icon T-shirt and trendy windbreaker.

The oversized Mickey and Minnie logos are tons of fun too on what we are guessing are sleep shirts, based on the length in contrast to the shirt sizes. The Mickey shirt is priced at 23,00€, while Minnie is listed as 30,00€.

For headwear, guests can dress up their look with a sequined blue Minnie Mouse ear headband finished with a white iridescent bow (23,00€) or a light-up sorcerer's hat complete with logo on the rim (39,00€).

Guests taking a more subtle approach with their 30th anniversary celebration will find this large, lightweight scarf  (25,00€) to add just the right touch to their look. The light blue fabric is decorated throughout with shimmering, iridescent prints of characters, logos, attractions, stars and more.

Bring some magic to your living space with an arrangement of housewares and home essentials including the much loved Mickey Mouse head soap dispenser (thank you Japan!), DPL juice glasses, tri-colored, iridescent stainless steel water bottles (25,00€).

You can never have too much chocolate and if you’re always craving the rich treat these speciality wrapped chocolates are a must-have. Additionally, fans who like their cocoa mix to come in a decorative can, voila, this collectible is for you!

Start your morning (breakfast) or end your day (dessert) with these beautiful bowls (11,00€) and mugs (15,00€) that will instantly boost your mood! And be sure to complete your table setting with a lenticular placemat (5,00€) showcasing the Sensational Six—Pluto, Donald, Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Daisy.

Mickey and Minnie are also featured as small plush (30,00€), figurines (22,00€) and in tiny snow/glitter globes, each wearing their bright new anniversary outfits. They look quite amazing for being 93 years-old!

If backpack and tote bags are more your thing, these styles will speak to the Disney fan in all of us. The tote (20,00€) features cloth straps and opens to reveal a small pocket on the back interior. The backpack (40,00€) shows off the 30 logo, castle, and Disneyland Paris font on the front.

Every Disney collection should have a magnet and we love the look of this one!

While that completes our tour of the 30th Anniversary Logo collection, there are few more styles that include graphic prints of real DLP photographs and emphasis the April 12, 1992-April 12, 2022 dates. This series features an iPhone case by Rhinoshield, a coffee mug, T-shirts for adults (30,00€) and kids, a tie front tank top for kids (18,00€), and pajama sets for adults (30,00€) too.

In addition to the merchandise, Laughing Place was invited to a press event where we got to see Minnie Mouse in her Stella McCartney pantsuit, meet and greet with characters in their Anniversary outfits, learn more about the celebration and enjoy exclusive viewing of a new show and new Stars on Parade float. 

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