TV Recap: “Motherland: Fort Salem” – Season 3, Episode 2 “The Price of Work”

This week on Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem we follow the group as they continue to hide out in the Cession, but things get complicated when Raelle gets sick. At Fort Salem, Izadora makes a discovery and, Petra gets an answer about where the President’s loyalties lie. Let’s go!



Please note this recap contains spoilers for season 3, episode 2 “The Price of Work” 

In Southern Iran a large vehicle drives up to a drilling site and Alban Herst (Bob Frazer) gets out. He talks to an overseer who’s monitoring the project. Their drills aren’t working, it’s like the Mycelium is fighting back, but finally they have success with a platinum drill bit. The overseer asks why not use dynamite? Herst tells the man he underestimates the size of the organism. They need to use something that will spread. They drop a pipe down the hole and flush it with a mysterious liquid. Herst watches as a mushroom on the surface starts to shrivel up and die.

Raelle (Taylor Hickson) and Scylla (Amalia Holm) are looking for a boat to steal to get the gang to their next destination. While they browse the docks, Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) and Adil (Tony Giroux) are invisibly standing guard. Meanwhile, Tally (Jessica Sutton), Nicte (Arlen Aguayo Stewart) and Khalida (Kylee Brown) are staying hidden. Nicte comments that she's never had to work with so many couples before and Tally says you get used to it. She says that it must be even more difficult for Khalida since she’s the only one her age. Khalida says it’s been like this for a long time, and it was actually kinda nice being with the Dodger kids.

Scylla finds a small boat that would only hold her and Raelle; they could take it to the Lighthouse, something they’d been talking about since the start of their relationship. But in the meantime it’s back to work. Abigail leaves Adil to check on the girls. Raelle finally finds the perfect boat. She takes a minute to promise Scylla that someday they’ll go away together. Abigail overhears them.

Anacostia (Demetria Mckinney) and M (Ess Hodlmoser) discuss their findings from the secret Camarilla meeting. One of the people in the meeting was Kara Brant (the heiress), a public figure who sits on several Boards. Ana wonders if President Wade is Camarilla and M recognizes her Chief of Staff from the secret meeting. Ana muses that it would be hard to plant a Fetch on him. M asks if Sterling Woodlot could get someone new assigned to Wade’s detail.

Back in the Cession, the group is done with the boat and they’re waiting to cross a magically guarded section. Raelle is adamant that they have to move now and under the cover of night: they don’t want to get caught by the Marshals. Nicte says she’s never seen the Marshals and Rae says you can bet they’ve seen you. A car comes by the checkpoint and as the guards let it pass, they lift the barrier. The group runs, but Khalida trips. Abigail gets her and they just make it before the barrier falls.

At Fort Salem, Izadora (Emilie Leclerc) sets up an old record player outside and plays “How Great Thou Art.” She searches the sky for Penelope. Suddenly the girl’s distorted voice sings along with the song and the sky darkens. As the song plays, Penelope’s voice says, “I think I’m lost. Which way to vocal training?” Dark rain begins to fall and several cadets hold out glass jars to collect the black rain.

The gang hides out at a campsite in the woods. Raelle isn’t feeling well and Scylla leaves her in a tent to get some sleep. She tells the group she’s taking a truck into town to check in with Anacostia and that Rae wants them to move on that night. Nicte says they should lay low and stay in one place for a while. Scylla insists and Abigail asks about her and Rae running away, admitting that she heard them the night before. Tally interrupts their spat and tells Scylla to take the truck. The group splits up and Nicte follows Tally. She offers her a warning about looking into the future. She’s used Spree work without thinking for years and has paid a terrible price. She holds up her lighter and shows Tally her disfigured face. Instead of being terrified, Tally is amazed and says she saw this moment four days ago on the roof. Nicte says no one can see that far into the future.

Ana checks in with Petra (Catherine Lough Haggquist) and their main concern is finding out where President Wade's loyalties lie. Hopefully they can get an idea when she and her staff come to dinner at the Bellwethers. Ana tells her boss that Izadora knows about the drilling and is monitoring the Mycelium. She also mentions that the Camarilla are using a chemical plant in the Cession to make the poison. Ana suggests they could send the girls to check it out. Petra says it's too risky, but Ana insists they can’t ignore this intel. Petra agrees.

Abigail is frustrated that Raelle wants to leave (eventually) and that Tally is so open to Nicte’s suggestions. It feels like they’re falling apart. Khalida tells her not to worry, their bond is strong. Adil says either way she has them, they’re family. She asks if they know anything about the “Union of Earth of Sky” and how it must be prevented. Khalida says it sounds like something the Camarilla made up to justify their hate. She walks away, but seems to know more than she’s letting on.

Scy goes to a thrift store in town and slips into the dressing room. She uses the mirror to check in with Ana; they’re safe and will keep moving west. Ana tells her there’s been a change of plans. Scy runs back to camp and tells the others she knows why Raelle is sick. She opens the tent and they all see Rae sinking into the ground. Scy tries to grab her, but the Mycelium is too strong. Raelle is gone. Scy muses that the Mycelium has taken Raelle so it can heal her. She tells the group about the chemical plant and says they’re to surveil the area but not to engage. Kahilda will stay at the campsite and watch for Raelle.

With dinner at the Bellwethers just hours away, Petra goes over the plan. They’ll need to test the President’s voice by isolating it and they’ll have to look for opportunities because there’ll be too much chatter at the dinner table. Petra says that she doesn’t want to change Wade’s mind, but wants to know it and Ana warns her that’s a slippery slope. Petra changes the subject and says her mother has bad blood with the President and asks that Ana do her best to keep them apart.

At the chemical plant, things are quiet. Tally offers encouragement to Scylla but Nicte interrupts them just as a truck (presumably full of poison) drives up and a few figures approach the vehicle.



Kara Brant and Vice President Silver (Victor Webster) are in attendance at the dinner. Petra greets them then heads over to the President. She smudges her makeup before she approaches the commander and chief who points out the flaw. Petra thanks her and pulls out a compact which she uses to isolate the President’s voice. The Bellwether matriarch, Minerva, walks into the room and greets the President. Both women go to a private room and Wade instructs M —who’s now on her personal detail— that they’re not to be disturbed.

Herst is at the chemical plant and the group decides they have to do something. Abigail says they have new orders. Together they attack the figures at the truck, then Scylla and Nicte go after Herst. Tally watches as Abigail targets two figures and starts to create a tornado. Adil contributes by causing the ground to shake. Using their powers together, they vaporize the guards. Earth and Sky. Meanwhile, still hunting for Herst, Scy and Nicte corner their foes and trap them under some pipes that release a vapor and burn the victims. The group meets back by the truck just as a helicopter takes off. They can’t let Herst get away. Abigail starts her work, while Nicte does her own, causing the chopper to crash into the truck in a perfect explosion.

At dinner, Silver toasts to Petra and she asks about his new legislation. Kara says he’s been working hard on the bill and it’s going to make a world of difference. “We’re gonna get along better when we don’t worry about voting.” Petra asks about voting restrictions and Silver confirms they’re discussing it. So witches can fight and die for the country but have no say in how it’s run? Silver says, too long witches have lived as a separate society. Just then the President walks in and says she will not sign the bill. She will see that the rights of every U.S. citizen—non witch and witch—are protected.

Before they leave the plant, Tally can see that Herst is still alive and he’s telling someone to contact the vice president and also mentions something about the “First Song.” At the Bellwethers', an aide goes to Silver who excuses himself and Kara. Wade asks if she should be concerned, and he tells her no. She says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Ana tells Petra about the explosion at the chemical plant and confirms there was no report of any military presence. The women are relieved that Wade is not Camarilla and Petra’s mother says she knew the President couldn’t be. “She has integrity to spare.” Petra asks about their conversation, and her mother says they have more in common than not. “One can always find common ground over a glass of bourbon.” Ana observes that with per position on the legislation, the President is now the Camarilla’s #1 target.



The group finds Herst and one of his men, whom Nicte wastes no time killing. Abigail punches Herst in the face. With Herst in their hands, Tally asks if he wants to talk about the drilling or the First Song, but he smiles and says she has no idea what she’s talking about. Tally pushes him in the truck. Scylla traces a symbol on her hand to Raelle wherever she is. Tally hugs her and assures the former Spree they’re in this together, and they will find Raelle.

In the labs at Fort Salem, Izadora takes a jar of the black rain and puts it outside of a glass chamber. She strikes a tuning fork and places it on the other side. The machine starts up and black smoke fills the chamber revealing Penelope…in the flesh? She looks around confused, and Izadora lets her out. “Welcome back,” Izadora says. Penelope is confused and doesn’t know where she is, so she lounges at Izadora and tries to choke her. Two assistants escort Penelope back into the chamber, where she disappears into vapor.

Back at the campsite, a disguised Nicte lets the group out of the truck. They leave Herst and check for Khalida who’s nowhere to be found. The campsite has been compromised and the Marshals have found them. Adil makes himself invisible, but the Marshals can see him and they grin. Herst manages to escape the truck as the group comes back and while they want to chase him, they need to keep moving.

Raelle is alive and…she’s in her room? Lying in bed, she looks around to see hundreds of letters tacked to the wall, and Mycelium clinging to the ceiling. Her mother Willa walks through the door and the room brightens as she sits up. “You’re sick,” Willa tells her. Raelle looks at her hand and sees the symbol from Scylla. Willa covers her hand and says not to worry about that. She pushes her back down on the bed and the room grows dark again. “Mother is going to take care of you from now on."

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