All-New “20/20” Episode, “All American Murder,” To Air On December 15th

A new episode of 20/20 follows a murder case where, amidst a third trial, a new set of evidence completely changes the course of the case.

What’s Happening:

  • A new episode of 20/20 entitled “All American Murder” follows a former NFL Player and his wife who are murdered in their own home.
  • The prime suspect, their 16-year-old son AJ, was brought to trial two separate times, both ending with a hung jury.
  • ABC News chief national correspondent Matt Gutman follows the story of AJ Armstrong’s third murder trial, where previously undiscovered evidence is brought to light.
  • The episode includes interviews from Armstrong family members, police footage from the crime scene, prosecutors and attorneys dealing with the case, and a discussion with AJ Armstrong himself.
  • The new episode of 20/20 airs Friday, December 15th at 9pm ET on ABC, streaming the new day on Hulu.

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