“Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter” Returning to shopDisney on December 22nd

As previously promised, Disney Lorcana fans will soon have another chance to purchase Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter this December.

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UPDATE (12.21.2022): 

  • Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is expected to go live on shopDisney at 12am PT/3am ET on December 22. According to the shopDisney website, the restock includes:
  • At this time it does not appear that playmats or card portfolios will be available. We’re not sure if shopDisney will be updating the pages from the first release, but if they do, you can find product links in our initial article.
  • Finally, earlier this month shopDisney utilized their Virtual Waiting Room when Rise of the Floodborn was released. We anticipate they’ll have the Waiting Room up and running for this restock as well. Good Luck!

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger – The First Chapter – Starter Deck – Cruella De Vil and Aladdin – $17.99

To play Disney Lorcana, each player will need a deck of 60 cards. Ready-to-play starter decks contain a preconstructed deck with a specific card list.

Starter decks include:

  • One starter deck of 60 cards, including two foil cards of the characters on the package front
  • 11 game tokens
  • One rulebook
  • One booster pack containing 12 randomized cards

Booster Tray – $143.99

Unlike starter decks, booster packs contain 12 random cards from Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. Use booster packs to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those found in starter decks.

  • 24 booster packs
  • Each booster pack includes 12 randomized cards:
    • 6 common cards
    • 3 uncommon cards
    • 2 rare, super rare or legendary cards
    • 1 foil card (random rarity level)

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger – The First Chapter Gift Set – $29.99

The gift set for Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will feature Mulan – Imperial Soldier and Hades – King of Olympus. Gift sets include:

  • Two oversized foil cards
  • Two playable foil cards
  • 34 game tokens
  • Four randomized booster packs of 12 additional game cards each


  • Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is set to return to shopDisney on December 22nd, as shared by the official shopDisney Instagram page.
  • This follows the release of Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn on December 1st.
  • Disney Lorcana is a fantastical and collectible trading card game that transports two or more players to the magical realm of Lorcana. Here, players become “Illumineers” and wield magic ink to summon a team of Disney characters known as “glimmers,” who appear in both familiar and reimagined forms.
  • In Disney Lorcana, players embark on a search for lost lore with their teams of glimmers. They’ll play characters, actions, and items from their hand and choose whether to “quest” for lore with their glimmers or challenge their opponents. The first player to collect 20 lore wins.

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