Find Out How Your Favorite Comic Book Hero Will Be Remembered in ‘Marvel 85th Anniversary Special” Coming This August

In celebration of 85 years of action, Marvel will take readers to the 85th century in Marvel 85th Anniversary Special.

What’s Happening:

  • In celebration of their 85th anniversary this August, Marvel has announced the Marvel 85th Anniversary Special.
  • In what has become an annual tradition, Marvel will explore its universe audaciously in an expansive one-shot to commemorate the comic company's birthday.
  • For the big 8-5, Marvel is shooting to the future in a bold new way by taking readers to the 85th century.
  • In this far-out future, heroes of the Marvel Age are left to history. In what is described as “the greatest museum in the cosmos,” relics of these legendary heroes have been collected and displayed. Every item holds an individual story accounting the Contest of Champions and how it brought the Age of Heroes to a close, about Ms. Marvel’s greatest victory, and the last, untold exploit of Excalibur.
  • Marvel 85th Anniversary Special will have epics written by Ryan North, Alan Davis, Christopher Priest, Iman Vellani, Sabir Pirzaada, Steve Skroce, Josh Cassara, Stephen Byrne, Kaku Yuji, Carlo Pagulayan and more.
  • Find out how your favorite hero will be remembered when Marvel 85th Anniversary Special comes out on August 28th.

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