Pixar’s New Short “Self” to Play After “Soul” Screenings at The El Capitan Theatre

Self, Disney-Pixar’s newly announced SparkShort, will play at the El Capitan Theatre this month before it debuts on Disney+.

  • Pixar fans will get the chance to see Self after each screening of Disney-Pixar’s Soul at the El Capitan Theatre from January 12-18.
  • This will be the first chance to see the new short, which doesn’t debut on Disney+ until February.
  • Tickets for screenings of Soul are available here.

More on Self:

  • Pixar announced their first hybrid stop-motion animation for the studio with their new SparkShort, Self.
  • It follows a “wooden doll’s journey of self-discovery as she strives to fit in and blend in with her peers.”
  • The short was produced by Eric Rosales and directed by Searit Huluf.
  • Self premieres on Disney+ on February 2nd.

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