New, And NOT a Bit Alarming…Belle nuiMO Returns to shopDisney with Peasant Dress Outfit

Ahem. AHEM! If you don’t mind pulling your nose out of that book for just a moment we can tell you that a new Princess plush has joined the Disney nuiMO family! The smart, sweet and brave Belle from Beauty and the Beast is on shopDisney wearing one of her classic outfits.

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What’s Happening: 

  • There are many different merchandise products featuring Disney Princesses, and some of our favorites are Disney nuiMOs! Since the cute poseable plush have made their way stateside, fans have been able to welcome Mulan, Cinderella, Ariel and other princesses to their collections, and now Belle has returned just in time for the holiday season.
  • After making her grand debut in 2022, Belle is back on shopDisney, this time dressed in her blue and white peasant dress with white apron from the beginning of the film. Her hair is pulled back into a pretty ponytail and she has black shoes to complete the look.

  • Whether at home or out on an adventure, Belle’s cheerful smile means she’s camera ready at a moment’s notice; and if you’re hanging out with other nuiMO fanatics, Belle will look super cute teamed up with her fellow Disney Princesses!
Mulan models the Holiday Outfit!

Mulan models the Holiday Outfit!

  • Unfortunately, her yellow ball gown isn’t available at this time, however, shopDisney did just debut a holiday dress accessory that’ll look great on this charming princess.
  • The Belle nuiMO is available now on shopDisney and sells for $21.99. The Holiday outfit (and other clothing styles) sell for $12.99.
  • A link to this adorable, poseable plush can be found below!

Free Shipping on shopDisney:

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Belle Disney nuiMOs Plush – Beauty and the Beast – $21.99

Disney nuiMOs Holiday Outfit – Winter Collection – $12.99

More Disney nuiMOs:

  • After originating in Japan and making their way to Shanghai and Hong Kong, the adorable friends came to the United States in January 2021.
  • nuiMO is a combination of the Japanese words nuigurumi, meaning plush and moderu meaning model.
  • The characters that have debuted here include:

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