Step Right Up! Disney Munchlings Carnival Confections Series is Full of Amusement Park Fare

Carnivals, fairs, expos, and other outdoor events give us much to experience, and often feature an exciting array of snack foods. Disney Munchlings micro plush are embracing the popular snacks for the next wave of collectibles and you won’t want to miss out on the Carnival Confections series.

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What’s Happening:

  • If you’ve ever been to a carnival or fair, you’re familiar with delicious snacks that are synonymous with the atmosphere. We’re talking fried pickles, cotton candy, corn dogs, funnel cake and other sweet, fried, and gooey treats.
  • This month Disney Store is thinking about those treats too as it serves as the theme for a new wave of Disney Munchlings micro plush!

  • The Carnival Confections collection features some of our favorite characters like Pluto, Pua, and Beast representing a special snack and served in a cute striped dish. The full line up includes:
    • Pluto Jalapeño Cheese Fries
    • Pua Fried Cookie Dough (Moana)
    • Genie Cotton Candy (Aladdin)
    • Kuzco Corn Dog (The Emperor's New Groove)
    • Goofy Fried Pickle
    • Minnie Cookies and Cream Funnel Cake
    • One mystery plush
  • This totally cute series of mystery micro plush (4 ¾-inch) will be a great addition to your ever growing Disney assortment.
  • The Disney Munchling Carnival Confections Collection is available now at Disney Store and each plush sells for $14.99.

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Disney Munchlings Mystery Plush – Carnival Confections – Micro 4 3/4" – $14.99

Disney Munchlings Origin Story:

  • “One day when the sun set on Main Street, U.S.A., Master Baker Pierre Dumonet was adding the final touches to his sweet creations. As he hung his apron and left the bakery, Pierre accidentally closed the door a little too hard, causing several jars and bottles to topple over. A small bottle of magic spilled out onto his delicious concoctions below, creating the Disney Munchlings!”

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